Is alcohol on flights to Mallorca soon forbidden?

Is alcohol on flights to Mallorca soon forbidden?

Is alcohol on flights to Mallorca soon forbidden?

Palma de Mallorca. Touristism has long been a thorn in the eyes of the government of the Spanish Balearic Islands. After the alcohol ban on the beaches, they now want to enforce a restriction of alcohol exports on flights to Mallorca and Ibiza as well as on some airports in the region.

Pilar Carbonell, the head of the tourist office, had submitted a request to the Central Government in Madrid, reported on Thursday, among others, the “Diario de Mallorca”. The government in Palma has also recently discussed this issue at a meeting with representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, it said.

Authorities are mobilizing against riot tourists

The regional authorities of the Balearic Islands have been working for some time against so-called riot tourists, mainly from Germany and Great Britain. After recent battles between tourists, among other things from Germany and numerous other incidents, the new mayor of the Mallorce capital Palma, Antoni Noguera, said that they did not want any visitors who were “troubled by bouts, brawls”. “There are also neo-Nazi groups. This type of holidaymaker is not welcome here, “stressed the left-green politician.