This allows the region to benefit from the new euro fighter jet

This allows the region to benefit from the new euro fighter jet

This allows the region to benefit from the new euro fighter jet

Aviation sites such as Augsburg, Manching, Schrobenhausen and Ulm could be involved in the new European combat aircraft. But politicians have to put pressure on it.

Will Emmanuel Macron become the darling of the Bavarian armaments industry? On Thursday may at any time in the one or other company centered sparkling wine champagne, nevertheless, from the point of view of the industry in Paris, happy things too. As reported, the construction of a joint Franco-German fighter jubilee was surprisingly early. This was what Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel did without mentioning details. The project is at the very beginning. As armament projects teach, it can take more than 15 years for airmen to be developed, built and delivered. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, speculations are being made about how the fighters look and where they could be built.

An industry expert who does not want to be named by name, describes his vision of the airmen. The center is a manned machine, packed with high-tech data processing and sensors. The crew of which is controlled by the air of drones without pilots. That sounds like science fiction. But in 2035, not only in Germany. Urgently new military aircraft will be needed beyond the then still operational Eurofighter fleet.

At this point, the tornado aircraft are to be screened. The new fighter jet would then replace the tried and tested reconnaissance aircraft. According to information from our newspaper, the Federal Defense Ministry is aiming at this. Under the responsibility of Ursula von der Leyen and State Secretary Katrin Suder. Which formerly headed the Berlin office of McKinsey’s corporate consultancy, placed emphasis on clear plans and their fulfillment. In contrast to military projects such as the A400M military transport aircraft. Time and cost plans should be better adhered to.

Merkel is now putting pressure on the new fighter jet

An insider says jokingly in the jargon of his predecessor Gerhard Schröder: “The Chancellor can not only car, she can also airplane”. The relationship between the CDU boss and Airbus boss Tom Enders is rather cool.

The manager of the aviation giant, who is from Germany. He has still not forgiven the government for torpedoing his plans for the formation of a European defense group with British supplier BAE Systems. This was still before the Brexit, which like the ever more chaotic US policy German and French can get closer together.

So far, Europe has two fighters – this is about to change

At Macron, it seems to have gained the insight that the Europeans can not afford to run two different camper vans like today. On the one hand, Germans, Britons, Italians and Spaniards have built Eurofighter machines. On the other hand, France is flying with the Rafale from Dassault. For the European taxpayers would of course be a plane much cheaper.

Employees in southern German armaments locations can also profit from the new fighter jet. Background: The production of fuselage parts for the Eurofighter at Premium Aerotec will expire in Augsburg if there are no further export orders like Kuwait. Approximately 200 of the approximately 4000 employees of the plant would be affected.

However, if Augsburg is involved in the new fighter jet, the long tradition of military aircraft construction in the city could be continued. However, it would probably be a few years between the end of the Eurofighter production and the start of the Macron Merkel fighter jet.

Jürgen Kerner

A member of the IG Metall Board, who is from Augsburg, says: “Industry is a duty here. It must maintain the know-how in the plants. “From the new Euro bomber, thousands of employees in the region could benefit beyond Augsburg. This includes the Airbus location in Manching near Ingolstadt with its more than 4,000 employees. Surely the new fighters would be waiting here.

Ulm would be eligible for electronic equipment. About 2000 people work for Hensoldt alone. But Oberbayern is also one of the winners. In addition to companies near Munich in Taufkirchen and Ottobrunn, the MBDA plant in Schrobenhausen with its approximately 1100 employees would probably be involved. The specialists there have already armed Eurofighter and tornado aircraft.

The cake for the German manufacturers could however be smaller than with the Eurofighter, because Macron must demand compensation for Dassault in the form of lavish orders at the Euro bomber. In this case, pressure from the Bavarian state government for regional armaments companies is called for.