Beijing press Trump not to link trade talks and North Korean file

North Korean

Beijing press Trump not to link trade talks and North Korean file

The Chinese government fears that the US President’s criticism of his handling of the North Korean case will interfere with the ongoing trade negotiations between the United States and China.

North Korea’s pursuit of missile firing is causing renewed tension between the United States and China. On Saturday, July 29, US President Donald Trump criticized China, allied with North Korea, for allowing Kim Jong-un’s regime to develop weapons capable of hitting the United States. “I am very disappointed by China,” he tweeted.

Commenting on the scale of the Chinese trade deficit with the United States, he added: ”  They do nothing for us, North Korea, just talk. We will not let that continue. “

“We believe that the North Korean nuclear issue and Sino-US trade are two separate subjects, belonging to completely different fields,  said Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce Qian Keming on Monday, During a press conference. These issues “should not be discussed jointly”, he insisted.

Chinese appeal to restraint and dialogue

China, the main ally of Pyongyang, condemned the July 28 shooting, calling on the North Korean regime to comply with UN Security Council resolutions, while at the same time calling “all parties” to restraint.

On several occasions, the US president has urged China to stem the ambitions of its neighboring recalcitrant, but Beijing, which has already halted its imports of North Korean coal, now believes that the only possible solution is dialogue.

For his part, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that as “economic supporters of the ballistic nuclear program” in Pyongyang, Beijing and also Moscow carried a “special responsibility” in the aggravation of this threat.

In terms of trade, the United States readily condemns Beijing’s protectionist measures, which they blame for their abyssal trade deficit with the Asian giant (nearly $ 310 billion last year).