In Brussels, the Brexit launches the battle of the EU agencies

In Brussels, the Brexit launches the battle of the EU agencies

In Brussels, the Brexit launches the battle of the EU agencies

The member states of the European Union are fighting for the reception on their territory of the (EU) European Banking Authority and the Medicines Agency, currently based in London.

Before the opening of the negotiations on the Brexit, the 27 Member States of the European Union absolutely wanted to display their unity. Officially, this remains their creed, but they are preparing for an intense fight to obtain a good advantage linked to the exit of the United Kingdom : the establishment, in their territory, of two Union agencies, currently established in London.

Twenty-three countries (!) Have officially filed a dossier to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and eight to host the European Banking Authority (EBA). The first, responsible for the evaluation and control of medicines, has 900 civil servants and receives thousands of scientists every year; The second, which is supposed to assess the soundness of the financial sector, comprises 160 specialists. The France has proposed Lille for EMA and Paris – which already sits the European Securities and financial markets , one of two other industry control instruments – to the EBA.

Gold Mine

Pawn awareness, the fact of winning a particular agency guarantees a jackpot linked to home workers have a strong power purchase and their families , with multiple meetings that generate hotel nights, the rent received, etc. The host country also benefits from additional tax revenues or the creation of high-level jobs in the service sector.

In order to try to avoid disputes and psychodrama, a method was established by the European Council – the meeting of the Member States – on 22 June. The Brussels Commission will evaluate the offers by the end of September, taking into account criteria for equipment, accessibility, geographical balance, access to the labor market and the school system for families, etc. A ” political discussion  ” followed, followed by a decision in November following several rounds of a secret ballot. With, for the occasion, the same number of votes for each State.

“It will be bloody,” ironically a diplomat who lived, in 2003, sessions Homeric sponsored by the Italian Silvio Berlusconi on the distribution of new agencies. But this time, there is no longer any question of resorting to the trick of creating additional structures to satisfy as many executives as possible.

Coalitions, Blackmail, Protests

In Brussels, some observers of the “bubble” revel in, at any rate, to imagine already the coalitions that will be formed, the blackmailings that will be exercised, the protests that will follow certainly. Will Berlin and Paris share the cake with the EMA for Lille and the EBA for Frankfurt (the current headquarters of the Central Bank and the Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, the third pillar of European supervision)? All the world insane. As is denied the project to “punish” the bad European students of the East, who jeopardize the rule of law and refuse refugees, but are candidates: Warsaw filed a file for the two institutions, Banking Authority, Bratislava for the Medicines Agency …

As for Luxembourg (which is rather eyeing the bank, of course), will it play an almost forgotten clause which, since 1965, has in principle given it all financial institutions? Suspense. But in the unit, of course.