Can the United States(US) stop supporting terrorists in Syria?

Can the United States(US) stop supporting terrorists in Syria?

Can the United States(US) stop supporting terrorists in Syria?

The Washington Post  has released information that Trump decided about a month ago at a White House. Meeting with CIA Director Pompeo and National Security Officer HR McMaster To put an end to one of the secret programs of the CIA  Timber Sycamore , created in 2013.

At the time, this program was launched urgently to help rebels opposing Assad and about to lose the fight. As the same Washington Post wrote at the time  , not only tactically but also strategically. Thus, the United States voluntarily fostered the Syrian conflict to fight Assad. It is true that at the beginning of the “rebellion” in 2011, they took an anti-Assad position. Adopted sanctions against the country and helped “the opposition”.

This has  followed  a leak of weapons and men trained by the CIA to the radical structures.  No watertight barrier actually existing between armed opposition groups to Assad and Islamist groups.  This program, which illustrates American policy in the region, has thus greatly contributed to the development of the conflict. However, since the entry of Russia into the game, the interest of this  program  was reduced, the rebels, who had been able to recover, were once again losing ground and, in the end, Al Qaeda. The “defeat” of Aleppo, for the terrorist groups openly supported by the West, was a sign of the urgency of a change of strategy.

Terrorists in Syria

Terrorists in Syria are doing very serious damages to the people.. This turnaround was taken very seriously by the American press, which sees in it  technically not the end of a program that has become useful, but a change of American strategy and the victory of Russia on the Syrian file.

This excerpt from the Washington Post did not find much echo in the French press, which ultimately does not change much to the case.

The United States continues on this path and  announce  that the departure of Assad is no longer a precondition for the settlement of the conflict:

“I do not think it’s important for us to say Assad has to go first.” According to the Associated Press, Tom Bossert, Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor, explained A new US strategy in Syria, at an annual meeting of national security and intelligence actors in Aspen, Colorado.

An important signal is launched. Both in rebel movements: times have changed, we have to choose our side and move on to something other than Russia, to which the United States is trying to change its attitude and move towards co-operation, at least in Syria. Will the neoconservatives let their creatures leave? Beyond Trump’s will, the question really arises as to how far the United States is able to return to its policy of systematic support to extremist movements without causing a major crisis in their domestic policies, totally sclerotic , And faults in their internal security.