Donald Trump: “I am a huge-sized fracker”

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump: “I am a huge-sized fracker”

US President Donald Trump has a new reason for the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement: it is to be connected with Russia.

US President Donald Trump has justified the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement with Russia’s energy competition. Russia is making its money with the sale of oil, and nowhere more oil than under the US. Said Trump on the flight to the state visit in France. The White House released the quotations later.

Trump said, “How is Russia affected, because Russia makes its money by selling oil. We have more oil among us than anybody, and no one knew it until five years ago. And I want to use it I do not want this to be taken away by the Paris Convention. ” The US energy agency EIA grades the proven US oil reserves internationally to rank 10.

The US President apparently wants to counter the massive criticism of the Russia contacts of his election campaign team. The accusation of having won the election against Hillary Clinton 2016 with foreign aid .

“I will ask Putin: Who were you for?”

In the case of Clinton’s choice, energy production in the US would have declined, Trump said. Because the democrat was skeptical about controversial fracking technology. “I am a huge-sized fracker, coal, natural gas, alternative energies, wind – everything, is not it? I produce much, much more energy than anyone else who has ever stood for the presidential office”. Under his presidency, Russia will therefore suffer from very low energy prices. Revenues from oil and gas sales are the most important source of money for the Russian state.

Trump continued, “So, the next time I’m with Putin, I’ll ask him,” For whom were you really, because I can not believe he was for me “He said.” We will be the fuel exporter this year. ”

Trump has been standing in the crossfire for months, because his election campaign had many contacts with Russia. The US secret services are convinced that the Kremlin wanted to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The affair has finally sped up after a meeting of Trumps son Donald junior with the Moscow lawyer Natalia Vesselnitskaya became known . Trumps team was offered email-borne material against Clinton, which was to come from sources of the Russian government. “If it is, I will love it,” wrote Trumps son in an answer.

Threat to steel dispute

In the press talks on the flight to Paris Trump also spoke about the steel conflict with China and other countries like Germany. “They offer steel to dumping prices and they destroy our steel industry, they have been doing it for decades and I will stop it,” the US President said.

Asked if he would prefer to introduce quotas or duties to protect US companies, Trump replied: “Maybe I’ll do both.” The shares of US steel conglomerates then increased. Trump wants to strengthen the domestic steel sector and is already punishable with penalties against Salzgitter and the Dillinger Hütte.