Donald Trump put to the test by Moscow and Pyongyang

Donald Trump put to the test by Moscow and Pyongyang

Donald Trump put to the test by Moscow and Pyongyang

Donald Trump put to the test by Moscow and Pyongyang. The White House faces the dismissal of 755 US diplomats by Russia and the provocations of North Korea

After a week of several domestic setbacks, Donald Trump is confronted with the situation feared by diplomats. A rise in tensions at the international level. Two fronts suddenly worsened, testing a White House that does not pass for the better prepared to face the crises.

Vladimir Putin has lost patience. Six months after the inauguration of the new US president, who had made a strong connection with Moscow. The Russian number one did not see anything coming. On the contrary, Congress has accentuated the sanctions imposed on the financial, defense and some of its oligarchic friends, for the annexation of the Crimea, interference in Ukraine and interference in the electoral process in the United States.

On Sunday, July 30, the Russian president announced a dramatic reduction in personnel – American, and Russian. Employed in diplomatic representations of the United States in Russia. Of some 1200 people, it will not remain that 455, the level of the Russian workforce in the United States, from the 1st of September.

”  More than a thousand employees [diplomats and technicians] have worked and continue to work in Russia. 755 of them will have to end their activity, “ Putin said in a televised interview. The Washington Post said it was a “significant escalation  ” in relations between the two capitals and an unprecedented reduction in the size of the embassy since the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The head of the Kremlin note that Trump’s room for maneuver in rapprochement with Russia was increasingly limit.

At the beginning of the year, Vladimir Putin delayed retaliatory measures against the expulsion of 35 diplomats decided in December by Barack Obama for the interference …