Donald Trump, World Constable

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, World Constable

On both North Korea and Venezuela, the President of the United States Donald Trump opted for an interventionist stance which he had nevertheless rejected during his campaign

On the fourth day of his verbal escalation with North Korea, Donald Trump resolutely endorsed a costume he had nevertheless rejected firmly during the presidential campaign: that of the world police. The president of the United States, literally inexhaustible since he embarked on this perilous game, has indeed chosen this register by once again defending his aggressive tone towards the regime of Kim Jong-un.

Interrogated at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey – where he was to spend part of the two weeks of vacation initially planned – on the concerns that his bellicose statements could elicit in South Korea, in the front row against Pyongyang, Mr Trump said that the people of that country “certainly feel more reassured with [him] than with other presidents in the past”. “Because no one really did the work that should have been done,” he said.

“That’s why we’re in this horrible situation right now,” he said. And this is a very bad situation. A very dangerous situation. And that will not continue, I can tell you, “ he added. “So I think South Korea is very satisfied. You do not mention Japan, but I think Japan is very pleased with the work we do. I think they are very impressed with [our] work, “ he told the interviewer.

After North Korea announced its plans to launch missiles over the archipelago to the US island of Guam, Japan deployed on Saturday, August 12, its missile defense system Patriot in Shimane, Hiroshima, And Kochi in the west of the country. The deployment was also to take place in Ehime, also in the West, said the Japanese public television channel NHK.