Emmanuel Macron poses as president of a diplomacy that protects

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron poses as president of a diplomacy that protects

At the conference of ambassadors in Paris on Tuesday, the French president affirmed that the real priority is the fight against “Islamist terrorism”.

Whether it is the settlement of the crisis in Syria, the relaunch of the European project or the development of Africa, the foreign policy set out by Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday 29 August at the Elysée for the opening of the “Ambassadors’ Week”, has a single real priority: to fight against “Islamist terrorism”.

For this first major foreign policy discourse, in which he wanted to explain, as the Elysee reminds us, “his vision of the world”, the head of state once again posed as president of a diplomacy Which protects while loudly claiming its European choices as its will to openness to the challenges of globalization.

Stimulating Financing for Terrorism

“The security of the French is the raison d’être of our diplomacy. This requirement is visceral. We must respond to them without faltering, “ said the French president, referring to this priority ” of the fight against Islamist terrorism “, an adjective that he fully assumes.

“Nothing would be more absurd than denying the link between the terrorist acts we are living and a fundamentalist and political reading of a certain Islam. The otherworldliness is not needed in this regard, “ he said, recalling that” it should not be more than we fear of Islam […] and embark on the general suspicion Millions of Muslims who live in Europe and have no connection with these fanatical doctrines. ” And to stress that “the eradication of terrorism also requires the draining of its financing”.

At the beginning of 2018, the French authorities will organize a mobilization conference against the financing of terrorism by mobilizing the main actors involved in this field, including the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental body set up in 1989 to combat terrorism. Laundering and the financing of terrorism…