Emmy Awards: Alec Baldwin rewarded for his imitation of Donald Trump

Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards: Alec Baldwin rewarded for his imitation of Donald Trump

The UNITED STATES It was the 18th nomination for Emmy awards for the actor …

“Finally, Mr. President here is your Emmy  .” Alec Baldwin, who received Sunday’s award for Best Supporting Actress for his Donald Trump satire in Saturday Night Live(SNL), has not been deprived of a small pike to the White House host, named several times for the show The Apprentice, of  which he was the star, but has never won one of these prestigious television awards.

This award honors a performance by Baldwin that has propelled the audience of the show to records and reborn its actor coat of arms. This was the 18th nomination for the 59-year-old Emmys, who had already been acclaimed for his comedy talents in sitcom  30 Rock, where he played a studio boss in front of Tina Fey, which earned him two Emmys.

His caricature of Trump, akin to his pronunciation of “China” in “Jina”, fingers in the air, mouth pushed forward to the extreme and bumpy blonde wig, delighted the public of SNL and sent to records the audience of a cult show of which he is a longtime collaborator. Some skits have been viewed on YouTube up to 20 million times.

The icing on the cake for a cartoon: his performance has irritated his model: “It’s time to remove this boring show that is not funny. The portrait made (by me) by Alec Baldwin is rotten, “tweeted Donald Trump at the end of 2016.

Making Donald Trump a recurring joke could be the most important piece of his career,” wrote The Atlantic magazine in May about Baldwin.

Seconds roles and hectic privacy

In recent years, the actor had mostly played second roles in the cinema with certain performances noticed as an incarnation of a husband of an Alzheimer’s sick in Still Alice, or an author of financial fraud fickle in Blue Jasmine. His career on the big screen culminated during the 80s and 90s with notably Working Girl, Beetlejuice, In the pursuit of October red.

In The Singer and the Billionaire and Guet-Apens,  he shared the poster with his ex-wife Kim Basinger. They formed a couple of the most glamorous of the time before a very acrimonious divorce. The actor is also regularly mounted on the Broadway boards ( Serious money, Tamed Shrew, etc.).

He had mostly made the headlines in recent years for his personal quarrels. In particular, he insulted a photographer with homophobic remarks, briefly pursuing him, while trying to take stolen photographs of his wife Hilaria and their little daughter, and had a long legal battle with a Quebec actress, Geneviève Sabourin, condemned to six months in prison for harassment.