EU negotiator Barnier firm on citizens’ rights | Brexit

EU negotiator Barnier firm on citizens' rights | Brexit

EU negotiator Barnier firm on citizens’ rights | Brexit

The EU’s high Brexit negotiant has same there area unit still major variations between the EU and Great Britain|GB|Britain|United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the rights of EU voters living in Britain.
“The British position doesn’t enable those persons involved to still live their lives as they are doing nowadays,” archangel Barnier same.
Mr Barnier same the ecu Court of Justice (ECJ) should have jurisdiction to ensure citizens’ rights.

He additionally same it had been essential that the united kingdom recognise its monetary obligations.
If United Kingdom failed to recognise it had some monetary obligations, there would be no basis to debate alternative problems, he said.
Ahead of the second spherical of talks next week, he same the EU had created its stance on the problems clear – and was waiting on United Kingdom to try and do identical.
“Our team is prepared. I’m ready,” he said. “I’m terribly ready and willing to figure on this terribly quickly – night and day, the weekend.”

“We need EU voters in United Kingdom to possess identical rights. As British voters World Health Organization board the EU,” he told a group discussion.
That would need the ECJ to be the “ultimate guarantor” of these rights. He same – as a result of United Kingdom might merely amendment its laws later. Making uncertainty.

UK law

UK law additionally imposes restrictions in areas like reuniting families across borders. He same – one thing that wasn’t applied to UK voters living in Kingdom of Spain, as an example.
Mr Barnier additionally same that those rights – together with the alleged “divorce payment”. Border problems should be handled before future UK-EU trade might be mentioned.

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The money payment the EU claims are owed to hide the UK’s commitments is additionally a key purpose for man Barnier. Estimates have place the quantity at anyplace from €60bn to €100bn (£53-89bn).

Asked concerning UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s comment that the EU might “go whistle” over the demand. Man Barnier replied: “I’m not hearing any whistling. simply the clock ticking”.

He denied that the EU was holding the united kingdom government to ransom. Same it had been merely a matter of “trust”.
“It isn’t AN exit bill, it’s not a ransom. We can’t arouse anything than what the united kingdom has committed to as a member,” he said.
Mr Barnier additionally proclaimed he would meet with alternative key politicians on weekday United Nations agency weren’t a part of missioner May’s government. As well as opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, representatives from the House of Lords. Therefore the initial ministers of European country and Wales.
“I have invariably created clear that i’ll hear totally different points on read within the British discussion,” he said.
“Of course, i’ll solely hash out with the united kingdom government,” he added.