India: Monsoon kills five people in Bombay

Monsoon kills five people

India: Monsoon kills five people in Bombay

The economic capital of India is swept since Tuesday by torrential monsoon rains. The particularly violent weather inundated the streets of the megalopolis, paralyzing the bubbling activity of its 20 million inhabitants.Monsoon kills five people

Five dead, including two children

Five people died in the floods. “Four of them, including two children, perished because of the collapse of one wall in a slum, and another was electrocuted,” said Tanaji Kamble, a local government official.

On Tuesday, in some streets, pedestrians found themselves immersed to the hips in muddy streams. Water was seeping into the passenger compartment through the floor.

Paralyzed transport

The authorities have had to shut down the commuter rail network on which millions of people travel daily. Some inhabitants, for lack of means of transport, were forced to spend the night in the street.

In the Dharavi slum, one of the largest in Asia, water has covered most of the low-lying areas, submerging makeshift dwellings.

The monsoon this year is 1,200 dead

These floods woke up the memory of the inhabitants of Bombay with the specter of those of 2005, which had cost the lives of a thousand people. The fact remains that this Wednesday, the situation was improving in Bombay. The schools and many offices were still closed. This year, the monsoon has already caused more than 1,200 deaths across the Indian subcontinent.