In Iran, Rohani pushes the bar to the right

Iran, Rohani

In Iran, Rohani pushes the bar to the right

The Iranian president on Tuesday presented a new government without any women and where the reformers have little place, disappointing his supporters.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani disappointed his reform supporters by presenting on Tuesday (August 8th) the government team that must continue its policy of opening Abroad, during his second term.

Re-elected with 57 percent of the vote on May 19, Hassan Rohani had hoped that he would appoint more reforming and younger ministers and promised to present at least three women ministers to Parliament, which will validate its proposals next week. Her previous government had none, but three vice-presidents, whose validation is not required.

Virulent Reviews

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli’s retention at the Ministry of the Interior is the best expression, according to some critics, of the retreat of the head of state. In particular, they accuse the Conservative of having designated too “weak” provincial governors, who are the central government’s relay to local authorities.

Independent MEP Gholam-Ali Jafarzadeh Imenabadi immediately announced that Parliament would not give its vote of confidence to at least three ministers. On social networks, the absence of female ministers also provoked sharp criticism. Unpublished, 157 deputies out of 290 had nevertheless asked the president to name.

For several weeks, Rohani had been trying to pacify his relations with the conservatives, the Revolutionary Guards – the main Iranian armed force – and the judiciary. In July, he met with some of the guard leaders, whom he described during the presidential election as a “parallel state with weapons”. During this campaign of rare violence, the outgoing president had also multiplied attacks against the head of the judiciary, the conservative Sadegh Larijani.

The brother of the president, …