Italy sees one face of migrants despite comments from Paris and Berlin

italy sees one face of migrants despite
italy sees one face of migrants despite

Italy sees one face of migrants despite comments from Paris and Berlin

Italy has once again denounced the lack of European solidarity on the reception of migrants, despite the declarations of solidarity expressed Wednesday by Paris and Berlin at a tripartite summit in Trieste (north-east).

“Italy has done and will continue to do its part in the relief and reception (refugees, ed.). But it is also fighting to ensure that migration policy is not left to only a few countries and that it is shared by the entire European Union, “said Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

For several weeks, Italy has been calling for help, urging its European partners to make a “concrete contribution” to stem departures but above all to open their ports, which they still refuse.

More than 3,500 migrants have been rescued in recent days off Libya, in addition to the 85,000 already arrived this year, and the subject dominated the meeting of Mr Gentiloni with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.

The record migratory influx of recent months places the left center government of Gentiloni under strong pressure from the populist and right wing opposition, while the next legislative elections are scheduled no later than early 2018.

Mr Gentiloni called for a “common migration policy, increasingly shared” with its partners: “an intervention (economic, editor’s note) in Africa, cooperation in the Mediterranean and Libya, joint work to guide the activities of NGOs “Which relieve migrants at sea.

Affirming his “solidarity” with Italy, Macron conceded that on the subject of migrants, France had “not always taken its share”. “I want to say here that we are accelerating relocations and will continue to do so.”

Its Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, announced on Wednesday the creation of 12,000 additional places of accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees by 2019.

– Refugees or economic migrants –

While the plan presented by Mr. Philippe at the same time foresees greater firmness towards candidates unsuccessful in the asylum procedure, Macron stressed the difference between “political refugees and economic migrants”.

“Every time refugees, people granted asylum, are identified, France must be able to welcome them”, but “our countries can not accommodate women and men who, for economic reasons, are looking to come Living in our countries, “he said.

“These two realities are profoundly different. They do not fall under the same right, they do not fall under the same moral duty and I will not give up the generalized confusion in this respect, “he concluded.

The German Chancellor stressed economic cooperation with the African countries from which the majority of migrants arrived in Italy.

“The origins of migration must be tackled through partnerships, particularly with Niger,” Merkel said.

She referred to the necessary “political stabilization of Libya”, in which the migrants transit, in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) but also “the improvement of the economic prospects in the African countries “.

The three leaders also stressed the need to continue building a more united and supportive Europe as their meeting preceded a summit with leaders from seven EU countries and six Western Balkan countries as well as the European Commission.

This Trieste summit is the fourth of its kind and is part of a series of so-called Berlin Process meetings, launched in 2014 to encourage reform and development in the Western Balkan countries, all of which Initiated a procedure for accession to the EU.

The Berlin Process promotes projects in the economic field (motorways and railways, energy networks), but also to youth to promote exchanges and reconciliation.