Julie Payette has already been accused in the United States

Julie Payette has already been accused in the United States

Julie Payette has already been accused in the United States

Ex-astronaut and next Governor General of Canada Julie Payette has been arrested and accused of assault in 2011 while living in Maryland, United States.

The criminal charge was quickly abandoned nearly six years ago, the Canadian site iPolitics revealed on Tuesday.

According to court documents online, Ms. Payette was charged with a second degree assault on November 24, 2011 in Piney Point, Maryland, where she was living with her ex-husband William Flynn.

This crime is punishable by a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and $ 2,500 fine.

The proceedings were subsequently dropped by the State Attorney General two weeks later, which generally occurs when he or she considers the chances of conviction to be too narrow or the victim withdraws his or her complaint.

This case no longer appears in Ms. Payette’s court file, which is accessible to the public, but her details are always posted on sites specializing in criminal background research.

Alone Maryland court documents indicate a divorce

in 2013 between the Quebec astronaut and her ex-husband William Flynn, 59 years old and father of her 14-year-old child.

Flynn is a test pilot at Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the F-35 fighter. He was previously a fighter pilot for the Canadian Army, where he participated in bombing missions in Kosovo.

They bought together the home of Piney Point in Maryland. Ms. Payette reportedly sold her share to Mr. Flynn in April 2016, according to the land register.

Shortly after the announcement of the appointment of Julie Payette, the Governor General’s media relations office had told the “Journal de MontrĂ©al” that Ms. Payette was “alone, head of family, and has a 14-year-old son” and Asked for corrections to the media who presented her as a couple.

Trudeau refuses to comment

Passing through eastern Quebec on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to comment on the revelations.

“I can reiterate how proud I am, how proud we are and how proud we are of having someone as exceptional as Julie Payette to represent us as Governor General,” he said. In press briefing. It is a person who represents the best of us, who represents what can be achieved if we have tenacity, strength and above all intelligence. ”

The Prime Minister’s Office also refused to clarify whether he was aware of the case before selecting Julie Payette for the position.

The 53-year-old Montrealer was proposed by Justin Trudeau to Queen Elizabeth II to become her next representative in Canada from next fall.

This choice has aroused enthusiasm both for the government and for the opposition parties.