Justin Bieber breaks World Tour

Justin Bieber breaks World Tour

Justin Bieber breaks World Tour

Most of his world tour had Justin Bieber behind him, now he obviously can not anymore: The pop star has canceled his “Purpose” tour. Many fans react angrily: “At the moment I just want him to clap”.

New York: Popstar Justin Bieber (23) breaks his world tour. Because of “unforeseen circumstances” the singer had to cancel the remaining concerts of the “Purpose” -tour, it was on Bieber’s website .

“Justin loves his fans and hated to disappoint them,” the announcement said. The musician would like to thank his fans for the support of the concerts so far – more than 150 on 6 continents. “But after careful consideration, he decided not to play any more shows.” The cost of the tickets would be refunded.

Many fans are angry

A few hours after the announcement, the Canadian apologized to his fans. “I’m sorry for anyone who is disappointed or deceived,” said the Canadian magazine TMZ. “I love you, you are great.”

Everything was good, Bieber assured the reporter. Asked if he had enough of the tour, the singer said “yes, I’ve been on tour two years.” Now he is looking forward to a bit of free time. “Just rest and relax” he wants to go in the coming weeks – and motorcycling.

On the tourplan were still 15 concerts in the USA and Asia.

Bieber’s fans reacted in the social media with disappointment and anger at the cancellation. “Of course I still love him with everything I have, but at the moment I just want him to clap him,” wrote a fan.

Singer-colleague can understand the decision

“My daughter has been planning a trip to Dallas for three months to see Bieber live. Now the asshole has been canceled. Just stay in Canada, “wrote an obviously disgruntled father.

However, some fans also expressed their appreciation of the decision. “Justin has been reworked since he was 15,” a user twittered. “He deserves a long, long break”.

Backing up for his decision, Bieber also received from his singer colleague John Mayer (“Your Body Is a Wonderland”): “If someone cancel their remaining tour appearances, it means that he would have harmed if he had continued” the singer. “We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I say: Thumbs up, Justin, you’ve realized that it’s time to cancel. “