Local elections in Russia, last election before the 2018 presidential election

local elections in Russia

Local elections in Russia, last election before the 2018 presidential election

A series of local elections in Russia will be held on Sunday 10 September 2017. Polls that do not interest the media or the public. However, this is the last date before the 2018 presidential election. Despite the lack of national stakes and the indifference of the media, the small opposition parties are trying to seize the opportunity hearing and making themselves known to Russian voters.

Last day of the campaign for this young candidate Muscovite, militant of the opposition party Yabloko. An impeccable costume, the umbrella under his arm, Daniil Agnevski seeks a seat of councilor of a district in full center of the capital.

”  There, I’m going door-to-door, ” he said. ” I’ll talk about my program and tell people to vote. It’s hard to do that by being a student. I do it in the evening, until 9 pm. Then, I distribute leaflets of the times until 11 pm!  ”

”  Difficult to do politics in Russia  “

Inside this building a little worn, a series of metal mailboxes. This is where Daniil slips his leaflets before knocking on the doors. ”  In general, I’m well received,  ” says the candidate.

”  There are people who take the leaflets, tear them apart and throw them on the ground,” he regrets. I think they’re tired of politics, broken promises. It is true that it is difficult to do politics in Russia ”

And the militant of Iabloko to specify that this is especially the case for the members of the opposition. ”  For example, it’s complicated to get funding for election campaigns,” says Daniil.

Exercise for collecting sponsorships

These local elections do not attract the attention of the Russian media or the inhabitants of Moscow, but they offer the opportunity for this young activist to take his first steps in politics before the presidential election next year.

In view of 2018, his party must prepare for the collection of 100,000 signatures. These sponsorships will be indispensable to his future candidate to participate in the presidential election.