A new state of emergency for the city’s policy

A new state of emergency for the city's policy
A new state of emergency for the city's policy

A new state of emergency for the city’s policy

The city’s policy will be cut by € 46.5 million, or more than 11% of the total budget. Mayors of troubled cities are worried about this measure which “further weakens our Republic” and call for a new plan for the neighborhoods concerned.

The city’s policy was initiated to provide concrete solutions to the problems of priority territories. It affects 5.5 million people in 1,500 neighborhoods with disabilities: unemployment, decay of housing, school failure, delinquency, radicalization, single parenthood … all these are the problems that threaten the future of our Republic. Yet, the city’s policy has just undergone a significant budget cut. A reduction of 11% after the reduction of 10% between 2012 and 2014, ie more than 80 million euros of fewer means to act in the so-called priority neighborhoods.

Today, many cities are on the brink of exhaustion, they are experiencing immense and unresolved social difficulties. The districts have become ghettoized, trafficking has intensified, making people’s lives impossible. We are talking about 150,000 people involved in cannabis trafficking, the equivalent of a very large French company. In these “zones”, our country is threatened with explosion at all times. New major problems have been added with the arrival of refugees, the rise in school drop-out and, of course, the explosive phenomenon of radicalization.

All this concerns the whole of French society and weakens our Republic.

It is therefore not surprising that this decision is made when one knows the real positive impact of a major investment in the neighborhoods, allowing, as an example, the decent housing of several million people. Urban renewal under Jean-Louis Borloo, then Minister of State with a strong political weight, mobilized 45 billion in ten years for 430 programs carried out. The implementation of a social cohesion plan has allowed the launch of major programs, the agency for personal services or educational success …

A new era of city politics must open up, it is vital. This is where the state of emergency lies. Not to take the measure of this situation is a serious mistake for our republican pact.

A radical change is needed

Let us launch the “Grenelle de la fraternité” in the neighborhoods of actors, experts, communities, great leaders in associations, schools, committed companies … To leave the districts of their worrying stagnation, let us open without waiting for a major debate with the whole of French society and The local elected representatives, first concerned. Some of these elected officials are real heroes so much their situation has become of great complexity: Chanteloup-les-Vignes, Bethune, Arras, Dreux, Saint-Denis …

The policy of the city must be rethought, relying on those who have succeeded and who engage in neighborhoods like the projects grouped within the citizen movement Blue White Zebra. Existing initiatives deserve to be extended: Thierry Marx with his training project on restoration, Passeurs d’Art with its programs that re-integrate young people with classical music, or Lire c’est Partir, which combats illiteracy thanks to To books at € 0.80 per copy … To illustrate the energy of these neighborhoods, half of the Olympic champions who excited us last summer grew up there. Let us restore pride to these quarters where great stories are written, but which are too often caricatured. Let us fight against the fatality which sees the districts sensitive only as problems while they are full of innovative solutions to which one must dare to trust.