After North Korea’s rocket test | All US mainland reachable

After North Korea's rocket test | All US mainland reachable

After North Korea’s rocket test | All US mainland reachable

After the second test of a ballistic intercontinental raid, Pyongyang threatens the US with an attack on the mainland. US Secretary of State Tillerson appealed to China and Russia. US President Trump called the test “ruthless and dangerous”.

North Korea threatened the US with a surprise attack after the recent rocket test. The shooting shows that the country has the ability to shoot the missiles at any time to the entire US mainland, said power leader Kim Jong Un. According to the state news agency KCNA. The test is a “serious warning” to the US, which provoked “pointless” with war threats and tougher sanctions, according to Kim. He was very satisfied with the test, reported the KCNA.

The country thus confirmed the rocket test, which was previously suspected by the Pentagon, Japan and South Korea. According to KCNA, the rocket reached a height of 3,725 kilometers and flew 998 kilometers before it fell into the sea near Japan. The data of North Korea corresponded in large part to the records of South Korea, Japan and the USA. Analysts said the data suggested that the US mainland would now be within reach of the North Korean rockets.

After North Korea's rocket test | All US mainland reachable

Trump: test “ruthless and dangerous”

US President Donald Trump condemned the test as “reckless and dangerous”. He reiterated that his government would “take all necessary steps” to ensure US security. The new missile committee would “isolate” North Korea , weaken the country’s economy and deprive its citizens.An improved version of an Hwong-14 intercontinental rocket was fired at Friday’s test, KCNA said. In addition, he had demonstrated that the rocket could be equipped with an atomic bubbling head despite the high temperatures during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

The rocket test was already the second within a month and took place only a few hours after a sanctions decision of the US Senate against the leadership in Pyongyang. Already on 4 July, North Korea hadannounced that it had successfully tested a ballistic intercontinental rocket in a “historic breakthrough” as a “gift” to the US.

Military maneuvers as a warning to Pyongyang

As a warning to North Korea , the US and South Korea held a joint military maneuver. According to the US Army, the armed forces fired short-range missiles on the east coast of South Korea on Saturday morning. Earlier, the US and South Korea had announced to discuss a possible “military response”.US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson raised accusations against China and Russia. Beijing and Moscow had a “clear and special responsibility for the growing threat to regional and global stability” by allowing North Korea’s missile program economically, Tillerson explained. China is regarded as the most important ally of the internationally largely isolated leadership in Pyongyang. The Beijing government condemned the new rocket test as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on all parties to cave in order to avoid further worsening of the conflict.

EU: Serious threat to peace

The EU accused Pyongyang “a serious threat to international peace”. North Korea has thus violated numerous UN Security Council resolutions, the Foreign Service of the European Union criticized. UN spokesman Farhad Haq said it was “frustrating” that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s appeals to the de-escalation of the conflict would not be increased. All parties involved would have to exert their “special influence” in order to contribute to a solution, Haq said.