Philistine Authority announces break of official contacts with Israel

Philistine Authority announces break of official contacts with Israel

Philistine Authority announces break of official contacts with Israel

Mahmoud Abbas reacted to the new security measures put in place. By the Hebrew state around the Mosque esplanade in Jerusalem. Three Philistineians and three Israelis were killed on Friday.

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. Announced Friday, July 21 to freeze all contacts with Israel as the new security measures implemented. By Israel around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem would be Not canceled.

Abbas told reporters after a day of clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces. That killed at least three people and injured hundreds in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank:

“On behalf of the Palestinian leadership, I announce … a freeze on all contacts with the Occupying State at all levels until Israel agrees to cancel all measures against our people Palestinian conflict in general and in Jerusalem and in the Al-Aqsa mosque in particular. “

Shortly after that statement, the armed Israeli ed announced that three Israelis had been killed by an assailant who entered an occupied West Bank settlement. The attacker infiltrated a house in Neve Tsuf colony, northwest of Ramallah. The army said, without giving further details about the assailant’s identity.

The tensions have been crescendo for a week against the installation of metal detection gates around the esplanade of the Mosques, in the old city of Jerusalem. Since the assassination of two policemen on July 14 by three Israeli Arabs. Strict security measures have been imposed by the Israeli police near this holy site.

Three Palestinians killed and nearly 500 injured

On Friday, two Palestinian men, aged 17 and 18, were shot dead in At-Tur and Ras Al-Amoud neighborhoods in annexed Jerusalem. A third Palestinian died “after being targeted at the heart with live bullets” in the Abu Dis district of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.  Added the ministry of health in the afternoon, without giving further details .

The Red Crescent, Palestinian first aid services, reported 450 wounded in clashes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Including 110 in the Holy City. Of these, 170 were injured by rubber bullets or projectiles. In the Gaza Strip, where there were also clashes at the “security fence”. 40 Palestinians were wounded, including seven by gunshot, according to medical sources.

The Old City is forbidden to Palestinians under 50

The clashes in Jerusalem erupted Friday after weekly prayer by Muslims near the old city. Which Israel has banned access to Palestinian men under 50 years of age in a context of growing tensions. Thousands of Palestinians, who have been mobilizing for a week near the esplanade and refuse to enter. They have chosen to pray in the street.

The security council of the Israeli Prime Minister decided on Thursday evening the maintenance of metal detectors to prevent firearms can be introduced again on the esplanade.