In Paris, Macron plays the proximity with the Israeli prime minister

In Paris, Macron plays the proximity with the Israeli prime minister

In Paris, Macron plays the proximity with the Israeli prime minister

The head of state received on Sunday Benyamin Netanyahu, with whom he evoked a resumption of negotiations on the Israeli-Palestinian file, as well as the agreement on the Iranian nuclear.

After the ceremonies, place diplomacy . Following the celebration, Sunday, July 16 the morning of the 75 th anniversary of the roundup of the Vel d’Hiv, which was attended for the first time the Israeli leader, Benyamin Nétanyahou, Emmanuel Macron held a joint statement with his counterpart. The French head of state reiterated his call for a “resumption of negotiations” with a view to a “two-state solution, Israel and Palestine  “.

” France stands ready to support all diplomatic efforts in this direction,” added the French president, for whom Israel and Palestine must be able “to live side by side within secure and recognized borders, with Jerusalem as its capital . 

“Respect for international law  “

But if Emmanuel Macron had any interest in sparing his Israeli counterpart, the French president nevertheless recalled that ”  international law must be respected by all, I am thinking here about the continuation of constructions in the colonies” . “France stands ready to support all diplomatic efforts in this direction according to the parameters of peace recognized by the international community” , he added, without giving any more details on the form that this aid could take .

For the time being, Emmanuel Macron did not say whether he intended to relaunch the French initiative of his predecessor François Hollande , who advocated an international approach to the conflict and organized in January 2017 an international conference on the Middle East , provoking The ire of Israel, hostile to the holding of multilateral discussions . Benyamin Nétanyahou was especially criticized in January “a rigged conference by Palestinians under the auspices of France, to adopt new anti-Israeli positions” and denounced an initiative to make “back peace” .

Negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians have never resumed since the failure of US mediation in the spring of 2014, and if the conflict remains low, the explosion threatens permanently.

The new President of the Republic had received Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last week at the Elysee Palace. He had already expressed his support for the two-State solution and condemned Israeli colonization.

“Vigilance” on the Iranian nuclear agreement

The Iran was also on the menu of the first official meeting between the two leaders, during which the two men are shown very close – Mr Macron who even gave the “dear Bibi”.

According to the Elysee, Mr. Macron intended to “signify our lack of complacency towards Iran” , the main concern of Israel in the region, and which in June made its first missile launch in foreign territory against targets Of the Islamic State group in Syria .

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron assured the Israeli Prime Minister of his “vigilance” about the agreement reached with Iran on its nuclear program , with a view to its “strict implementation” . Macron said he wants to “initiate a demanding dialogue with Israel on the follow-up of this protocol”. The French president also assured “sharing the Israeli concerns about the arming of Hezbollah” , the Lebanese Shiite movement backed by Iran.

On regional issues, “the convergence of views” between France and Israel “is great and driven by the concern to ensure security and stability throughout the region,” said the head of state, who said That he would go “soon” to Israel. “We are also united in the fight against terrorist groups . 

The warm welcome of Emmanuel Macron obviously delighted his guest, energized in his country especially for a case of alleged corruption that would involve his relatives. He invited Emmanuel Macron to Israel and told him that “France has great potential under your leadership”.