In Spain, the parties diverge in their response to the Catalan challenge


In Spain, the parties diverge in their response to the Catalan challenge

The centrists of the Ciudadanos formation ask for the placing under the tutelage of Catalonia, against the opinion of the Socialists and the conservatives.

No one in Spain no longer knows what Article 155 of the Constitution consists of. For months now, when it comes to finding a solution to the Catalan problem, the Spanish political formations are divided between those who defend the resumption of dialogue or the opening of negotiations between Madrid and Barcelona, and those considering the application of the “155.”

Never used, this article stipulates that “if an autonomous region fails to comply with the obligations imposed on it by the Constitution or other laws or acts in such a way as to seriously undermine the general interest of Spain, warning to the President of the Autonomous Region, and if he has no reply, with the approval of an absolute majority of the Senate, may adopt the necessary measures to compel him to respect these obligations or to protect the general interest mentioned “.

The text is both clear – it envisages a trusteeship of the region – and vague: it does not specify what measures are possible, does not mention the possibility of suspending the government or of dissolving the regional parliament concerned. Its implementation is also laborious. The government should present to the President of the Senate a document detailing the measures envisaged, the warning given to the Catalan president and his reply.

The General Commission of the Autonomous Communities should then deliver an opinion and Carles Puigdemont, the President of Catalonia, would have a deadline to present his allegations. The text would then only be submitted to the vote of the Senate, where the Popular Party (PP, right) has an absolute majority that would guarantee its approval.

If Madrid is ready to use “all the legal weapons” at its disposal, it would like to choose the one that makes the most consensus.