Police are worried about the risk of rail strikes in france

rail strikes in france

Police are worried about the risk of rail strikes in France

An internal note of the reports DGPN calls to train derailments recently launched by the Islamic State group and calls for increased security at stations.

Police are worried about the risk of rail strikes in France. According to an internal note of the Directorate General of the National Police issued early September and  Le Parisien has revealed a risk does exist. The Coordinating Unit of counterterrorism at the origin of the document also calls for greater vigilance.

A change in the propaganda Daech. Worries police are grouped in a seven-page document. The telegram is very clear: the past three months, the authorities have seen an evolution of jihadist propaganda. It advocates including the train derailment as a new procedure. Daech also emphasizes the manufacture of explosive devices. Finally, tutorials are broadcast to call “his soldiers to gain the trust of the disbelievers concealing their radicalization” still describes the report.

Rail, a vulnerable target. Sign of this new concern, the document calls for vigilance: any feedback of information related to an intrusion or an attempted sabotage on the railways must be taken very seriously. Issued before the bombing of the London Underground, this note confirms that transport is a vulnerable target as the risk of attack remains high in France.

It calls for an increased presence in the stations of the security forces and specialized units of the SNCF and RATP.