We politicians activists and scientists are fighting together to eradicate AIDS by 2030

politicians activists

We politicians activists and scientists are fighting together to eradicate AIDS by 2030

politicians activists This Sunday in Paris, 6,000 actors of the fight against the AIDS of the whole world began four days of intense work at the 9th international scientific conference on HIV. The Ile-de-France region is proud to participate in this international dynamic, which must make it possible to invent the future, that is to say, a world without AIDS.

We still have a lot of work to do to achieve that. 47% of HIV-positive people in the world still do not have access to treatment and more than 30% of people living with HIV do not know their HIV status … In France, nearly 25,000 people are infected, And Ile-de-France is particularly affected by the epidemic, concentrating more than 40% of new findings of HIV-positive people.

politicians activists Yet, eradicating HIV by 2030

, this goal set by UNAIDS, is now a reasonable hope that is based on scientifically proven evidence. A hope that we will only transform into reality if we know how to combine the action of the scientist, the activist, and the politician.

The scientist, as there are many topics related to the treatments that will be discussed at this conference: the question of cellular reservoirs of HIV with the objective of remission, therapeutic simplification strategies, presentation of work on ARVs New molecules and new formulations), PrEP, for which France is at the forefront, being the first country in the world to have repaid it, both curative and preventive vaccine, for which the Ile-de-France Region funds projects of research. The Region has also funded, along with the National AIDS Research Agency, which co-organizes this conference, fellowships to enable researchers from the Ile-de-France regions to participate.

The activist, because the fight against AIDS was

first built with the people affected, as is shown very well by the film “120 beats per minute” that our Region has financed. “Nothing for us without us,” was the key message of the Denver Declaration in 1983.

Ten years later, at the Paris Summit on AIDS, 42 countries committed themselves to greater involvement of people with Decision-making processes. On the occasion of this IAS 2017 Conference in Paris, the associative actors have worked on a new declaration, which takes into account major scientific advances such as TasP, which allows an HIV-positive person who has been treated with an undetectable viral load since More than 6 months from no longer transmitting the virus. This fundamental alliance of science and activism is perfectly summed up by one of the “slogans” of the IAS: “Strong science, bold activism”. This is why the Ile-de-France Region supports HIV / AIDS associations in their efforts to prevent, screen and support people living with HIV and their action research projects.