President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

Honduras asks for a longer temporary residency

09:31 GMT: Honduras has formally asked the United States to extend the temporary residency status for Honduran migrants. This status known as “TPS” allows Central American migrants to stay legally in the US and, according to the current legal situation, is due to begin in the coming year. Over the past few years, the scheme has always been extended, and speculation has recently been reported, and the US government could abolish the “TPS” regime.

Almost 57,000 Hondurans are affected, according to the daily newspaper “El nuevo Diario”. Overall, up to one million migrants from Central America, but also from Haiti, would have to return to their homeland. Honduran ambassador to the US, Marlon Tabora, said his country had sent a request from the US government. The decision to extend the scheme lies solely with the US government.

Democratic US MEPs raise suspicions against Trump

07:53 clock:In a symbolic act of resistance, about two dozen Democratic members of the US House of Representatives have applied for a vote of no confidence against President Donald Trump. “This is an attempt at political intervention,” said the Democrat Steve Cohen on Wednesday (local time) in Washington at the presentation of the project. In the United States, a president can only be overthrown by a decision to resign from office.

A distrust vote, on the other hand, is not legally binding and therefore has a symbolic meaning. Moreover, Trumps Republicans in the House of Representatives are in the majority and are likely to depose the mistrust or not to allow them to vote.

Trump, who was involved in the motion of distrust, accused Trump of having fired the FBI chief, James Comey, during the investigation into Russia contacts of his election campaign team. In addition, Trump had accepted payments from foreign powers and their government representatives who stayed overnight at his hotels. He thus potentially violated the US Constitution.

President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

Trump is a “president who actively undermines the very principles of our government,” said the Democrat, Judy Chu, who participated in the proposal. The congress, dominated by the Republicans, is looking for excuses for him as if his behavior were normal.

The Democratic deputy, Brad Sherman, had filed a request for the impeachment of the President a week ago. In view of the majority situation, this proposal does not have any prospects for success, but it shows that Trumps’ reputation is not the best. The US president is under massive pressure because of the Russian contacts of his electoral campaign team.

President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

Trump regrets, according to his own statement, appointments to the US Minister of Justice

Thursday, July 20th, 7:05 am: Due to the affair surrounding the Russian contacts of his team. US President Donald Trump has apparently divided himself with his Justice Minister Jeff Sessions. He said he did not have sessions with the minister’s post if he had known that he would declare himself to be caught up in the Russia affair and would not be responsible. Said Trump in an interview published on Wednesday with the New YorkTimes.

“How can you take a job, if one is self-declared,” said Trump in the interview. If Sessions had declared himself a prisoner of conscience. Before an appointment as Justice Minister, “I would have said, ‘Thanks, Jeff, but I will not take you,'” added the US President. Sessions’ behavior is “extremely unfair – and that is a mild word – against the president”.

President Trump regrets appointment of Justice Minister Sessions

Sessions had met the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kisljak several times last year as the then senator and election warrant Trumps. That he did not mention these encounters during his nomination procedure in the Senate, provoked suspicion. It was only after the revelation of these meetings by the press. That they confirmed the minister who had meanwhile been appointed to office. In addition, he formally declared his withdrawal from the Russia investigations of the FBI under his command.

Trump is under massive pressure because of the Russia contacts of his election campaign team. Several congress committees, as well as the Federal Police FBI and the special investigator Robert Mueller. Appointed by the Ministry of Justice, are currently investigating the affair. They are suspicious of any possible collusion between Trump employees. The leadership in Moscow during the presidential election campaign last year.