Reddit raises $ 200 million for a complete redesign of the site

Reddit raises $200 millionReddit raises $200 million

Reddit raises $ 200 million for a complete redesign of the site

Reddit Raises $ 200 Million With the goal of completely redesigning its site, the most popular forum in the world has raised millions from several investors.

These investors include companies such as Andrewen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, as well as individuals such as the president of Y Combinator, Sam Altman and Ron Conway of SV Angel, several partnerships were also created to finance the redesign.
Known for being the most popular forum in the world, Reddit has accumulated hundreds of millions of users through thousands of “subreddits” that each cover a different topic since its inception in 2005.

In an interview with Recode, co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman said the site has never really changed since its inception.
“Reddit is old. We do not want to be associated with the old and we want a much more attractive visual, so that our users have a better idea of ​​what is on the site, and what each part of the site will serve. ”

Today, Reddit has 230 employees and 60 new vacancies will be announced in 2017 to reach 300 employees.

For information, Reddit is estimated at $ 1.8 billion, and aims to go public in the near future. No estimate of the launch of the new site was also announced.