Renegotiating Alena: Canada faces Trump’s protectionism

Donald Trump

Renegotiating Alena: Canada faces Trump’s protectionism

The major changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement that Donald Trump wants to get are likely to penalize Canada.

It is forced and forced that Canada, along with Mexico, began the first round of negotiations on Wednesday (August 16th) in Washington to thoroughly revise the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), upon request Form of Donald Trump. The difference is significant with the situation that prevailed in 1994 when the three countries reached this historic agreement.

At the time, “there was a political commitment by all parties to reach an agreement, which is no longer the case,” said Derek Burney, who had been involved in the process as Canadian Ambassador to the United States. Today, as in the past, the stakes are high for Canada, whose trade dependence on its neighbor to the South remains high (more than three-quarters of its exports are directed towards it).

In Washington, the dynamic foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, is on the front of the Canadian side. She has led or initiated a number of special Alena diplomatic missions since spring in the United States, to meet with government and business representatives, governors, congressmen … Nothing has changed the conviction of Mr. Trump about an agreement that he said was very bad for Americans in terms of employment. “Canada has been very tough with the United States,” he said in April.

Hands tied

At the bargaining table, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer said Wednesday that Alena was “unsuccessful” for his country. Although the US government’s primary objective is to reduce the $ 64 billion (The US $ 54.5 billion) trade deficit with Mexico, the $ 11 billion deficit with Ottawa is also a problem. Canada will inevitably suffer from the “major changes” demanded by Mr. Lighthizer, while Ms. Freeland …