Riots continue to occupy Saxon politics

Riots continue to occupy Saxon politics
Riots continue to occupy Saxon politics

Riots continue to occupy Saxon politics

The Saxon parliament is still in the summer pause – some Members still have to go to Dresden today: the Internal Committee is convening a special meeting. The AfD had applied for this. She wants to know whether and how Saxony participated in the riots around the G20 summit in Hamburg and calls for consequences.

More than 470 injured policemen, 37 arrest warrants, 186 preliminary arrests: that was the record after the riots around the G20 summit in Hamburg. Almost four weeks later, the AfD demands that consequences of violence should be drawn in Saxony.
The group therefore addressed more than 20 questions to the state government, says Carsten Hütter, the internal political spokesman for the AfD: “We would like to know the extent to which Saxon politicians have also made calls to participate and also to violence Associations that support the extremists, parliamentarians or other politicians who also provide financial services? ”

Internal framework suitable framework?

Christian Hartmann, a member of the Christian Democratic Union, also has questions to the rulers of Hamburg, which concern Saxony: “In particular: do we have structures that are publicly supported, which are supported? What are things that we might be a bit loose Such as blockade and demonstration training, where one simply has to ask what a state can and should not support. ”

First, the investigation of the criminal offenses is the responsibility of the investigating authorities. Hartmann also doubts that a special session of the Internal Committee is the appropriate framework, which speaks of the Afistianism in the pre-election battle period.

Mario Pecher of the SPD,

the chairman of the Internal Committee, also doubted that all the questions posed by the AfD could be answered at the meeting. He says: “What we are doing now is the good right of the faction but not conducive to the outcome.”
LEFT requires proof

However, the LEFT in Saxony is waiting for the results of the investigation, says Enrico Stange, the political spokesman for the faction. So far, there is no evidence that protesters from Saxony in Hamburg have become violent. Bar added: “Police president Merbitz said he was sure there were some, but that can not be an argument, at least not according to the rule of law, but here we have to let the investigating authorities do their work Consequences, however, are not the other way around. “