Scientists are expressing frightening suspicion about trumps of health

Scientists are expressing frightening suspicion about trumps of health

Scientists are expressing frightening suspicion about trumps of health

Does Donald Trump suffer from a bad illness? Scientists have analyzed his health in a study. And now have a bad suspicion.

Washington – Donald Trump has already been accused much. The US president has publicly discredited several news portals, newspapers and also TV broadcasters. He threatened the construction of a wall in the election campaign, tried more or less successfully to cover Islamic countries with an entry spree , and he sometimes takes a rough look at meetings of NATO and G7 states. These are all character traits that certain people have. However, other behaviors of the current White House principal should at least be thought of from a human point of view. On the US science portal STAT the reporters thought about Trump’s health. And came to a shocking suspicion.

The portal , which is part of the renowned daily Boston Globe, analyzed interviews with the US president from the past 30 years. Donald Trump’s speech skills were particularly noteworthy, and scientists were struck by the fact that the billionaire who had come to great wealth, among other things, through his hotel ambience, used to use a much more comprehensive vocabulary than nowadays. While he had a rich vocabulary in the eighties and nineties, complicated sentence interleaving – which always led to a goal and gave meaning – and also seldom lost the thread even in complex situations, this has changed considerably in the recent past.

Trumps language has become easier

Trump nowadays uses not only simpler words, but also uses them in shorter sentences. He also repeats himself over and over again. And he breaks down complex facts on sometimes trivial constellations . For longer sentences he loses the thread again and again.

What could be the cause, you can only speculate without a concrete statement of one of the trump doctors. But the team of STAT asked several neurolinguists about these quite noticeable changes in the language trumps. They consistently believed that these could be symptoms of a declining mental agility. They even go so far as to be the first signs of a degenerative cerebral disease.

The diagnosis of dementia would, of course, be just as hard for every other human being in the world, but what does it matter if the person with the greatest power of authority in the US is ill? Trump shows other signs of this disease apart from the language. At a press conference with the Romanian state, the President replied to the question of visa facilitation that was not discussed. His guest, on the other hand, stated that he had addressed it. Also the refused handshake with Chancellor Angela Merkel at least caused irritation. In addition to this are the torn-up misfires against the press as well as the NATO summit in Brussels .

Dementer Trump? So you should deal with it

The STAT team concludes that the onset of dementia with Donald Trump would be quite possible, although this is of course difficult to prove. Finally, the doctors of the President say that he is in the best of health. Jan Fleischhauer recommends dealing with Trump in his mirror online column , which can not do any harm: carefully, with slow and pleasant explaining of the events and, if possible, no sudden changes in the day sequence. Perhaps this is also the reason why the US president and his daughter Ivanka are so clear.