Paris : The sharp look of the “old wolves” of the new guard policy

Paris : The sharp look of the

Paris : The sharp look of the “old wolves” of the new guard policy

Paris | Several former residents of the National Assembly, right and left, recall the Macron phenomenon and its ambitions for renewal.

To the memory of the wave which prevailed, like so many others, the socialist Jean Glavany remains dumbfounded, incredulous. A single round of voting on June 11 defeated him as a deputy, conquered in 1993, a brutal verdict of a campaign that swept all the landmarks on which he had built his political career. “When I arrived in the Hautes-Pyrénées, I was beaten in the legislative [of 1988] because I was parachuted. I was elected five years later: I had proved myself. Here, it was the opposite: “You proved yourself, clear!”

Because of his profile, his longevity, his appetite for mandates and functions. François Mitterrand’s former chief of staff is probably one of the remnants of this “old world”. According to the Macronian terminology, which was dedicated to Grieving for months of campaign, before being submerged in the spring. To make room for newcomers “without the shadow of an implantation, a militant experience, a field work”. Which was previously a “prerequisite,” reminds Mr. Glavany, slipping into a sigh : “If that’s it, the” new world … ”   “

Educated by this unprecedented electoral experience

Which foiled all predictions. The Socialist questioned the extent of the Macron phenomenon. Waiting for “historians” to evaluate it with regard to other pivotal dates in the history of France. Such as 1918 or 1958. He himself refrained from “doing the lesson”  : it would be “unwelcome and unworthy,” he said. But the former deputy is at least dubious about the idea that a “new world” would have happened. “There is no modernity, there is only evidence of modernity. Apart from the new heads, I see nothing fundamentally new. ”

It is little to say that this diagnosis is shared by his former colleagues of the National Assembly, also beaten in …