Son of the US President Donald Trump Like the father, so the junior

Son of the US President Donald Trump Like the father, so the junior

Son of the US President Donald Trump Like the father, so the junior

Normally, Donald Trump Junior defends his father on Twitter. Now he is in the Russian affair himself in the criticism. Who is the oldest son of the US president?

When Donald Trump sat in front of the press for the first time with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg last Friday, it became the oldest son of the US president again too much. “With the whole clutter of the cameras one does not really understand what they say?” Wrote Donald Trump Junior on Twitter.

The question should have been rather rhetorical. Whenever the 39-year-old feels that his father is being done wrong, he lets the world know. In most cases, this is not so much a matter of supposedly harmless situations as too loud noises. Trump Junior rages against the press and against the left, makes moods against Syrian refugees – and if the US President is sometimes suggested not to comment on a topic better on Twitter, that just takes his son.

Now, just a few days after the G20 press conference, he is the one who gets his father in trouble. The “New York Times” revealed that Trump Junior was in the election campaign with an emissary of Russia who offered incriminating information on the opponent, Hillary Clinton. Also included were Jared Kushner and then the election campaign manager Paul Manafort. The Russian affair would thus have directly reached the Trump family.

I love being attacked by experts

And Trump Junior responds to the allegations against him, as his father would be doing well: “I love being attacked by experts who somehow live from politics but have always been wrong in the last two years,” he writes twitter. Even in the days after, no trace of self-criticism or reflection. “Obviously, I am the first person who agrees to a meeting in the election campaign to hear information about the other side …”, he still pushes behind.

Here, were Trump Senior and Junior are not always as close as it now gives the impression. As a child, his maternal grandfather was a close relative. He spent the summer holidays with the Grandfather in former Czechoslovakia. There he had more liberties than his parents on Fifth Avenue, he learned fishing, hunting and Czech.

When his father separated from his mother Ivana at the beginning of the nineties , the then twelve-year-old Trump Junior escaped to the grandparents, went to boarding school. For a year he was not supposed to speak with his father, the New York Magazine reported in 2004. Even after this crisis, the firstborn seemed to have a different way of life: after studying, he did not return immediately to New York , Waited in the Rocky Mountains and lived in a truck.

Even today Trump Junior prefer to go to the woods instead of on golf courses

He spends his time between Manhattan and Catskills in the north of the state of New York. Photos show him with his wife Vanessa and the five children in nature.

But with time he became more like his father. In 2001, he joined the Trump Organization, entrepreneurially calling the Trump Senior his model. Since joining the White House, Donald Trump Junior is running the business with Brother Eric. In the election campaign, he supported the father on the tour through the USA. Sat with his siblings Ivanka and Eric in the TV series in the front row, talked at the nomination meeting. Loyalty belongs to his father.

Also, the junior shares many views of the senior. For example, the skills that are inherited. He could gain a lot from the idea of ​​breeding, as in race horses. He told the biographer of his father, Micheal D’Antonio. His father “has achieved so much, my mother has achieved so much. So I believe that I am genetically destined to be above-average.”

This is also due to the accusation of critics that his views are shaped by racist and nationalist ideologies. Again and again Trump Junior shares the contributions of well-known representatives of the White Supremacy – which are based on a superiority of whites.

Does it also get him into politics? So far the junior has denied his own political ambitions. He believes that what he is doing now is more effective. The New York Times, however, calls him an “aspiring figure of the Republicans” – and “The Hill”as a possible governor of New York : “He is someone who could win.”