Taylor Swift, who accuses a touchdown DJ, in court in Colorado

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, who accuses a touchdown DJ, in court in Colorado

JUSTICE She accuses a DJ of having caught her buttocks in a photo shoot …

The trial, scheduled to last nine days, should provoke crowds of fans. American pop star Taylor Swift, who uses a DJ accused of grabbing her buttocks in a photo shoot, is attending this week’s hearings in Denver, Colorado.

The trial opened Monday with the selection of 8 jurors, in the presence of the singer.According to local media, she was sitting in the courtroom with her lawyers, wearing a light shirt and a dark blazer. Justice had ordered all parties to be present during the entire trial, scheduled to last nine days. Opening statements are expected from Tuesday.

Facilitator strongly denies charges

The entourage of the singer had accused the DJ David Mueller of having caught the buttocks under his dress during a brief photo session June 2, 2013, before a concert. The facilitator, who strongly denies these accusations, was sacked two days later by the radio that used him in Denver.

He sued the singer in September 2015, saying she should have called the police rather than her bosses and that she had caused the loss of her job and associated sources of income. According to his complaint, the managers of the artist had called the radio officials to claim his eviction the day after the meeting. He said he was aware of an incident but accused one of his friends – who had invited him to meet the 23-year-old singer to have had this inappropriate gesture and boasted about it.

The superstar counterattacked, using David Mueller in October 2015 for sexual assault. Her complaint says she was “forced to start a one-hour concert in front of 13,000 fans while still in distress after being so inappropriately affected.”

Taylor Swift asks for a symbolic dollar

One of the key elements should be the jury’s review of a photo posted on the TMZ Celebrity Information website under seal: the musician poses between David Mueller and his girlfriend. The DJ’s hand is at the level of the posterior of the pop star, without it being obvious that it touches him.

When the jury was selected on Monday, potential jurors had to declare whether they had seen the famous photo, or describe their views of David Mueller and Taylor Swift, among other issues. The author of tubes like Shake it off or Bad Blood is asking for a symbolic dollar and claims that a verdict in her favor would serve as an example to other women who might fear to sue for similar assaults.

The 10 Grammys winner also claims to have participated in thousands of similar events where she poses with personalities, and that she has only been touched indecently, “by Mueller.”