Thailand: French attempts to repatriate child victims of sexual abuse

sexual child abuse

Thailand: French attempts to repatriate child victims of sexual abuse

Forms of sexual child abuse include engaging in sexual activities with a child. In Thailand, a French man named Cédric tries to bring his two children back to France. They say they have been sexually abused by their mother’s new companion. The case is complex and several legal proceedings are under way.

This is the story of a Franco-Chinese couple settled in Thailand, in the resort of Pattaya. The father, Cedric, is French. The mother, Lin, is Chinese. This unmarried couple had two children: a five-year-old boy, Tony, and an eight-year-old girl, Lisa.

But in 2012, Cedric and Lin separated. Because, according to Cédric, of the unstable behavior of Lin. This one had disappeared without giving news for several months shortly after the birth of the boy.

An alternate guard of the children was then set up. But when Mother Lin got married to a Briton, Mike, at the beginning of last year, things went wrong. It must be said that this British is involved in the management of places of prostitution in Pattaya.

The children said they were forced to drink alcohol by Mike. Violence against them would have multiplied. Cédric has therefore decided to put an end to the alternate guard. It was then that the children began to talk to him about the sexual abuse allegedly committed by the British against them.

Criminal proceedings in France

The father, Cédric, had a series of psychological examinations of the children, which revealed that they were traumatized and that sexual abuse had been committed. He also filed a complaint with the Thai police.

Reports of some of the police interrogations of children show overwhelming statements: they describe not only touching but also, in the case of Lisa, the eight-year-old girl, repeated penetrations.

A procedure has been instituted in France for sexual abuse and aggravated rapes. An important element: according to the little girl, her mother was present during the sexual abuse and was content to look laughing.

The two children say they want to live with their father, and if they want to see their mother from time to time, they do not want to live with her. The father wants to bring them back to France, but the problem is that the mother holds the girl’s passport, Lisa.

The Consulate of France in Bangkok says that it can not give it passes, as long as there is no final decision of the Thai judiciary on the granting of exclusive parenting to the father. So that’s the impasse.

No viable solution for

The police investigation is underway in Thailand and the criminal justice process is likely to take a long time. The problem is that the Juvenile Court ordered the father to return the children to the mother. The reason is that the mother would no longer live with the British suspected of sexual abuse.

It is clear that this decision is problematic. The children are firmly opposed to it. And for now, no viable solution is in sight.