TRIBUNE. “We are engaged in politics for women’s rights”

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TRIBUNE. “We are engaged in politics for women’s rights”

Tribune Women’s rights revised downward? While the polemic around the budget allocated to the feminist associations is in full swing, four LREM deputies of the delegation to the women’s rights of the National Assembly wish to have another voice heard.

In an article published by franceinfo, Celine Calvez

MP for Hauts-de-Seine, Berangère Couillard, MP for Gironde, Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, MP for Val-de-Marne and Mickael Nogal, MP for Haute-Garonne, Commitment to combat in favor of gender equality. They express themselves freely here.

Several weeks have passed since the last parliamentary elections. Each of us begins to take its mark, its bearings, with an objective: to act for the general interest and to improve the daily life of the French and French people. As we begin this legislature, we must remember the reasons, indignations or struggles that one day we have engaged in politics to improve the laws, to change our lives.

For our part, there is an outrage at first

the persistent inequalities between women and men in our society. There is a struggle, that of women’s rights. A struggle against sexist and sexual violence. In recent years, much has been done to change the law and we welcome it. Today, we must go even further to change lives and make equality between women and men a reality.

This work will not be obvious as the debates on this subject are passionate and we understand it perfectly. But if we want to go further, it is necessary that we overcome dogmatic divisions, political positions and that we bring concrete solutions to the injustices and inequalities that thousands of women in our country are experiencing.

So yes, sometimes, we may shock the good conscience by tackling taboo subjects. But we will do it without hesitation, with determination and conviction. We will do it for women and for men, who will also gain freedom by emancipating themselves from patriarchal models.

Marlene Schiappa systematically attacked

To judge the difficulty of the task before us, it is enough to observe the virulence of the attacks that the Secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men, Marlene Schiappa, undergoes since the beginning of this quinquennium. These permanent attacks accompanying the least of his diagnoses, each one of his propositions, reveal the difficulties of our society to modernize and take into account all life paths, whatever they may be, to recognize the abject nature of the Sexist or sexual violence.