Trump to Brigitte Macron: “They have kept themselves so well”

Trump to Brigitte Macron:

Trump to Brigitte Macron: “They have kept themselves so well”

What Donald Trump said to Première Dame Brigitte Macron expressed more than a compliment: he once again revealed his criteria for women.

By Donald Trump the quotation is delivered: “I appreciate women. No one appreciates women like me. Women appreciate me because I appreciate them. “Of all the untruths that he has spread throughout his career, this is especially the case. Trump does not value women, Trump appreciates pretty faces, legs, breasts and buttocks. And he does not undertake the slightest effort to conceal this. The fact that he said to Première Dame Brigitte Macron on a visit to the Élysée Palace that she was “in such a good shape” was only the latest remark in a long series of sentences that show that women are no longer for Trump than their appearance .

But first to the common misunderstanding: Is not that a nice compliment of a seventy-six-year-old to a sixty-four-year-old? No. No, because Brigitte Macron’s physical condition does not interest Donald Trump at all. If the two had met each other in the finish line of a triathlon: Yes, a nice compliment. “To be in good shape” can be related to fitness. But on a state visit? Since such remarks do not really look at the least.

Brigitte Macron

What Brigitte Macron replied did not capture the microphone. Her face was also turned away. When watching the video, you only wonder who the three present Donald Trump is now first: Emmanuel, Brigitte or Melania. Trump has managed the rare piece of art at the same time. But the French finally invented the Contenance – Brigitte Macron laid Melania’s hand on her back and pulled with her from there. Knowing that she got the better company for this day than her husband.

Donald Trump is probably very charming. After all, he said something positive, did not he? In contrast to his comments about the Huffington post-founder Arianna Huffington: “outside and inside ugly”. Or his Republican rival in the campaign, Carly Fiorina: “Look at the face! Will anybody vote for it? “Or about actress and presenter Rosie O’Donnell:” a fat, ugly face. ” Women exist for Trump just by their appearance, we know what happens when a woman forces him to qua office, forcing them for something To respect others: then he sits insultingly on a chair and refuses to give her the hand.

Donald Trumps Sexism does not even stop before his own daughter. “She has a very good figure. If she was not my daughter, I’d probably be dating her, “he said in a talkshow. Without being a fan of Ivanka Trump, you have to realize: she probably has more exciting things to offer than her figure. Just as with Brigitte Macron, you could talk about other subjects than their appearance. But you would have to be interested in something else.