Trump defends Donald Jr. and shoots against Clinton and the media

Trump defends Donald Jr. and shoots against Clinton and the media

Trump defends Donald Jr. and shoots against Clinton and the media

After the Trumps election to the US President, the image of the United States has suffered abroad. This is clear from a survey. As a result, only 22 per cent of people surveyed in 37 countries have confidence in Trumps foreign policy. Trump is also confronted with some problems in America itself. Read the latest developments in US policy here at the FOCUS Online News Ticker.

The most important news in brief:The US government around President Donald Trump regularly makes headlines.Finally, the 71-year-old has made a step-down in the legal dispute about his entry ban. The Supreme Court in Washington reintroduced the temporary ban on citizens of several Muslim states as well as all refugees. As the next big step, Trump wants to abolish the health reform of former US President Obama. If this were the case, 22 million Americans would no longer be insured.

Trump defends Donald Jr. and shoots against Clinton and the media

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The Russia affair does not let go Donald Trump. And a series of tweets in the early Sunday morning(local time) shows how much it is under his skin. Trump once again defended his son Donald Jr., who came to the headlines for a meeting with a Russian lawyer. During the election campaign. At the same time, he attacked his former rival Hillary Clinton and the media.

“Hillary Clinton can illegally get the questions for the debate and delete 33,000 emails. But my son Don is despised by Fake News Media (lies media),”. The Republican wrote when most Americans were still asleep.

Trump was referring to the fact that the then Democratic Interim Chairman, Donna Brazile, had informed Clinton about two questions before a TV debate in the pre-election campaign. Trump also plays on Clinton’s e-mail affair. She had run a private server in her time as a Foreign Minister, and then deleted tens of thousands of e-mails.

Trump tweeted further: “With all their invented unnamed sources & highly unilateral and even deceptive reporting, VERZERRT # Fake Media DEMOCRACY in our country!”

The US media has been digging news about the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. with the Russian in June last year. Trumps son then promised to receive incriminating information about the Democratic presidential candidate Clinton. Thus, it was revealed that more people participated in the encounter than the Trump son had disclosed.

Trump gets special adviser for the Russia affair into the White House

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 10.10 am:US President Donald Trump has named a special adviser to the White House, according to data from several US media, the latter is primarily responsible for the Russia affair. Ty Cobb, a former prosecutor and partner of Washington’s law firm, Hogan Lovells, will be a “key position” within the staff, the White House said on Saturday in a brief statement.

According to the US media, Cobb is to be responsible for the White House’s investigations on the Russia affair. He is also to work with Trumps personal attorney Marc Kasowitz, the ABC reported.

Several congress committees as well as the Federal Police FBI and a special investigator are investigating the suspicion of possible agreements between US president employees and Moscow during the election campaign. The US secret services are convinced that the Russian government was behind the hacker attacks on the Democrats and the Clinton team and wanted to influence the election in favor of Trumps. According to US president, such arrangements have never existed.