Trump does exactly what he promised

Trump does exactly what he promised

Trump does exactly what he promised

Trump There are not many Germans who make it all the way up in a US company. Martin Richenhagen is one of them. Born in Cologne, the agricultural machine manufacturer Agco is one of the 500 largest companies in the world. This career path was not shown. Richenhagen originally studied theology and Romance studies and worked for five years as a religious teacher. He remains connected to his home country in Rhineland. In the morning, for example, he reads newspapers, also German – and first of all the “Cologne Express”, the tabloid newspaper of the Rhine.

DIE WELT: Mr. Richenhagen, are you actually actually the Trump fan, for the many you hold?

Martin Richenhagen: I do not know at all how I get this reputation. In the election campaign I always said that I think both candidates are unsuitable: Trump, but also Hillary. As soon as I was elected, I prophesied that it would be scarce, and when Trump was then chosen, I said that you should be left alone and wait – that has probably been enough, so that I as the great Trump-Versteher applies. In fact, I have expressed my opinion on some things very critically.

THE WORLD: Who would be there?

Richenhagen: I find, for example, that he has a strange appearance and clothing style and also a strange hairstyle. He has distinctly different manners than the ones I have seen from my parents, and he has a completely different female image than me. Overall, he is certainly not sympathetic to me, but he is now times, which one must accept.

THE WORLD: Some even speak of a break-up in America. Are you registering?

Richenhagen: There are, yes. America is divided, it has always been, under Obama, but now it is more divided than ever. The simple American is Trump fan, the intellectuals and the townspeople are against him. I’m just wondering that many are so surprised at his course. Trump makes exactly what he promised the simple people.

DIE WELT: Is it only bad what he does?

Richenhagen: No, I can not. What amazes me is that the majority of the top managers run after him and tries to do everything right. People like Henry Kravis of KKR, Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan …

DIE WELT: … the cabinet of the billionaires …

Richenhagen: … Yes, they are really enthusiastic about him. They see above all the chance that finally things are changed that would have had to be changed for a long time. One example is the deregulation in the banking sector, which is really overdue. Another is the control reform, which is also useful. Above all, the territorial tax, which allows companies to bring home the profits they make abroad. For example, we make two billion euros in profits abroad, but we leave them there, because, of course, none of my investors wants us to tax profits once again in Germany, which have already been taxed abroad.

THE WORLD: Is trumps economic policy more likely for people or one for business?

Richenhagen: One for the people. His goal is that all people have a job and make money. This is only possible if the economy is as free as possible and not hindered by too much regulation. No, I do not believe that the idea is that companies should be favored.

DIE WELT: But he is an entrepreneur himself!

Richenhagen: Trump is a real estate speculator and not an entrepreneur in the strict sense, who does not produce anything. And Trump is not too successful either: My son took a look at what Trump inherited, what he made of it, and what would have ended up with a stock portfolio and a normal return. That would be far more than Trump has today.

DIE WELT: So the subject of conflicts of interest is not one that drives you?

Richenhagen: No, it does not matter in America.

DIE WELT: What makes Trump good?

Richenhagen: Even if no one in Germany believes: Trump is a good listener, above all he has an ear for economic representatives. There has never been a president who has so quickly met so many managers.

DIE WELT: Have you already met him?

Richenhagen: Yes, several times. The frightening thing is that Trump actually comes with the same flat, standardized theories, which are known from the election campaign. He can not be quite stupid, but I do not think he has much depth. Fortunately, he has intelligent people around him, Wilbur Ross, for example, who also masterfully explains his boss. In Germany, we have a prudent Merkel and then again a Volker Kauder, the skin always so Dinger raus. In America it is exactly different.