Trump does not want to know anything about Russia’s contact with his son

Trump does not want to know anything about Russia's contact with his son

Trump does not want to know anything about Russia’s contact with his son

After the Trumps election to the US President, the image of the United States has suffered abroad. This is clear from a survey. As a result, only 22 per cent of people surveyed in 37 countries have confidence in Trumps foreign policy. Trump is also confronted with some problems in America itself. Read the latest developments in US policy here at the FOCUS Online News Ticker.

The most important news in brief:The US government around President Donald Trump regularly makes headlines.Finally, the 71-year-old has made a step-down in the legal dispute about his entry ban. The Supreme Court in Washington reintroduced the temporary ban on citizens of several Muslim states as well as all refugees. As the next big step, Trump wants to abolish the health reform of former US President Obama. If this were the case, 22 million Americans would no longer be insured.

Russia compares affair around Trump Jr. with US TV series

14.12 clock:Russia has compared the affair around the son of US President Donald Trump for possible election campaigns with an endless TV series. The case could compete with the best series in the US, said Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday in Moscow. “We have already said we do not know anything about this story,” he said, according to agency Interfax.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the President, had previously conceded that he had met a Russian lawyer in 2016. An email change published on Tuesday shows that he had previously been charged with incriminating information about the competitor of his father in the presidential election, the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Kremlin has nothing to do with this and has not had any contact with the lawyer, Peskov said. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he had not yet seen any evidence of the allegations. “It is amazing how serious people from mosquitoes make an elephant,” he said during a visit to Brussels.

Trump did not know anything about his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer

12:26 PM:According to his lawyer, US President Donald Trump did not know anything about the meeting of his son Donald Trump Junior with a Russian lawyer during the US election campaign. The president also had no news of a change of mail on the subject, said lawyer Jay Sekulov on Tuesday evening (local time) the news station CNN. The president had never seen an e-mail on the topic until the publication on Tuesday, emphasized Sekulov. “I want to say that very clearly,” he added.

Trump junior had published several explosive e-mails on Tuesday under increasing pressure. These prove that during the US election campaign he accepted an offer to obtain material from the Russian source about the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Trump son was contacted by the British publicist Rob Goldstone with the offer that he could provide him with “very high-resident” and “ultra-sensitive” material about Russiaconnections from Clinton, which belonged to the Russian General Prosecutor ,

Trump Junior met with the Russian lawyer Natalia Weselnitskaya in June 2016. In the change of e-mail Weselnitskaya is called “Russian government attorney”. The Kremlin had denied to know Weselnitskaya on Monday. The lawyer also denied any connection with the Russian government.

In an interview with US broadcaster NBC News, Weselnitskaya also said she did not have the information she wanted. “They wanted them,” she said, looking at the Trump team.

Blocked Twitter users sue US President Trump

09:46 clock:Seven blocked Twitter users have sued US President Donald Trump. The Knight First Institute of the New York Columbia University filed a lawsuit against Trump on behalf of the users blocked by Trump or one of his employees in the brief briefing service on Tuesday. Their exclusion from a “public forum” thus violates the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

The US President has two Twitter profiles: the official profile of the US President (@POTUS) and his older profile (@realDonaldTrump), which has 33.7 million subscribers. The complaining Twitter users were blocked by Trump in his private profile after criticizing the president or his policy.

Trump wanted to suppress “divergent opinions” in the network, according to Trumps spokesman Sean Spicer and his social media spokesman, Daniel Scavino. According to the institute, which is committed to freedom of the press and freedom of opinion, the White House has not yet responded to a complaint letter about the Twitter locks.

USA wants to sell patriot rockets to Romania

07:23 AM:The US Department of State has given the green light to the sale of air defense systems to Romania. With the Patriot rockets, the country will strengthen its ability to “defend against aggression,” the State Department said on Tuesday. The business has a volume of 3.9 billion dollars (3.4 billion euros). The US Congress has yet to approve the sale, but it is unlikely that the deputies will block the export of armaments to the Nato country.

The announcement is in the midst of persistent tensions with Russia. On Tuesday, the US had stationed patriot missiles in Lithuania for a NATO maneuver. At the Nato exercise “Tobruq Legacy 2017” in the Baltics, soldiers from Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain and the USA will take part until July 22nd. Further parts of the exercise will take place in the Czech Republic and Romania.

Russia has announced large-scale military maneuvers in Belarus and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which borders Lithuania and Poland.

Last year, Moscow deployed Iskander missiles at Kaliningrad, which can carry atomic bubblers. After the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and the Russian approach in the Eastern Ukraine, the NATO members in the region had also been alerted.

Last week, US President Donald Trump had announced the sale of patriot rockets to the Polish government on a visit to Warsaw . Trump also reaffirmed his commitment to NATO’s pact.

Trump Jr. defends his Russia contacts

Wednesday, July 12, 6:59 am:

The son of US President Donald Trump, who has been under pressure because of his Russian contacts. Has defended a meeting with a Russian lawyer in the 2016 campaign. Although he would probably have changed his mind in the aftermath, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News on Tuesday evening (local time). However, the meeting is meaningless. Without the accusations, he would not even have remembered it. “It was in the truest sense of the word wasted 20 minutes. Which were a shame.” Trump Jr. also denied having told his father about the meeting. “There was nothing to tell.”

Trump Jr. said he had sent someone an email. He could do nothing for him. He had read it and replied. For him this was the investigation of the opposition. Perhaps the scribes would have had something, perhaps concrete evidence for all the stories he had heard. “So I thought I wanted to hear it.”

Donald Trump Jr. had an e-mail change with the publicist Rob Goldstone on Tuesday, which according to his information led to a meeting with a Russian lawyer. It appears that he has been given incriminating information about the competitor of his father, Hillary Clinton, who are to come from the Russian government. Jurists and leading Democrats accused the allegation of the e-mails revealed criminal intentions. The President, on the other hand, praised his son for the openness with which he had made his e-mail conversation public. He twittered, “He is a great man who loves our country!”