Trump and Putin, a second, so far unknown conversation took place

Trump and Putin, a second, so far unknown conversation took place

Trump and Putin, a second, so far unknown conversation took place

Between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, there was a second discussion at the G20 summit. Why the White House had not mentioned the entertainment so far, remained unclear. Trump called the reports “sick”.

The meeting of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the brink of the G20 summit took more than two hours . It was not, however, the only conversation that took place in Hamburg. As was now known, there was a second, so far unnamed conversation on the same day.

Trump removed from his seat next to Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, during the evening of the heads of state and government in the Elbphilharmonie, and sat down next to Putin . The conversation between the two was only accompanied by a Russian interpreter. Nothing was known about the content. As from the official meeting , there was no official protocol from the second meeting.

The message sparked speculation in Washington, what the conversation was about and why it had not been mentioned so far. In addition, the absence of an American translator could have represented a breach of the security protocol.

Trump responded angrily on Twitter:

“The ‘Fake News’ story about a secret dinner with Putin is ‘sick’.” All G20 leaders and their partners were invited by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Even such a dinner is portrayed as ominous. ”

Trump and Putin, a second, so far unknown conversation took place

The chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee in the US House of Representatives saw this differently: the reports on the second, so far unknown meeting of the two presidents in Hamburg “let several alarm bells shrill,” said the Democrat Eliot Engel. Trump owes the Americans an explanation.

Ian Bremmer

The President of the New York-based policy consulting firm Eurasia Group, made public the fact that this second meeting was a public newsletter. According to this the entertainment is about half the dinner and has taken about an hour. The other heads of state and government are said to have been “astonished and amazed” by the lively conversation between Trump and Putin.

It was true, Bremmer told the New York Times, “It’s true,” he said, Almost every participant should have thought it odd that the US president either wanted to show that he had a better relationship with Putin than with the rest of the G20 leaders, or that he did not care.

Bremmer said he had been informed about the Trump and Putin talks by two attendees. He’d spent a few days wondering if he was going to go public, but after it looked as if the White House would not do it, he had decided.

White house rejects accusations

The White House presented the situation differently. One employee initially confirmed “a second meeting”. According to this, Trump and Putin had again exchanged at a dinner for the heads of state and government. Another White House official said there had been no “second meeting” between Trump and Putin at the G20 summit, it had rather been a “brief conversation at the end of the dinner.” “The suggestion that the White House has sought a second meeting to ‘hide’ is false, mischievous and absurd.”

Trump and Putin, a second, so far unknown conversation took place

He said that Trumps Ms. Melania had been placed next to Putin during the summit. In the course of the meal all the heads of state and government who were present had walked through the room in order to communicate freely. Trump had talked to many participants, had finally gone to his wife at the end of the meal and spoke briefly with Putin on this occasion.

The White House also dismissed concerns because Trump had used the services of Putin’s translator. Each head of state and government and his partner had had only one translator, and in the case of Trump, this was a Japanese translator. Putin’s translator was therefore used, explained the White House.

Last week, Trump emphasized his good relationship with Putin . “I think we understood each other very well, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.” The meeting in Hamburg was excellent.

The US president has been under pressure for months because of the Russia contacts of his election campaign team. Several congress committees, as well as the Federal Police FBI and the special investigator Robert Mueller. Appointed by the Ministry of Justice, are currently investigating the affair. They are suspicious of any possible collusion between Trump employees and the leadership in Moscow. During the presidential election campaign last year.