Trump removal proceedings applied for

Trump removal proceedings applied for

Trump removal proceedings applied for


After the Trumps election to the US President, the image of the United States has suffered abroad. This is clear from a survey. As a result, only 22 per cent of people surveyed in 37 countries have confidence in Trumps foreign policy. Trump is also confronted with some problems in America itself. Read the latest developments in US policy here at the FOCUS Online News Ticker.

The most important news in brief:

The US government around President Donald Trumpregularly makes headlines.Finally, the 71-year-old has made a step-down in the legal dispute about his entry ban. The Supreme Court in Washington reintroduced the temporary ban on citizens of several Muslim states as well as all refugees. As the next big step, Trump wants to abolish the health reform of former US President Obama. If this were the case, 22 million Americans would no longer be insured.

USA wants to renegotiate free trade agreements with South Korea

11.43 am:The US wants to re-negotiate its existing free trade agreement with South Korea for five years. Since the agreement entered into force in March 2012, the trade deficit with South Korea had doubled, said US Trade Commissioner Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday. US President Donald Trump had therefore asked him to arrange a meeting of representatives from both countries. It will be held in Washington in August.

Trump has also issued the slogan “America First” in trade policy. Multilateral agreements with many members consider his government to be critical and instead prefer bilateral trade agreements with individual countries.

The transpacific free trade agreement TPP has already announced that Trump is already negotiating the North American free trade agreement Nafta from the middle of August. Trump threatened that if he did not come to the United States for improvements, he would give up Nafta.

Lighthizer said Wednesday that US exports to South Korea have been declining since the existence of the free trade agreement Korus. The US trade deficit has since then risen from 13.2 billion dollars to 27.6 billion dollars. “This is not what the predecessor government promised to the American people when it demanded ratification,” said Lighthizer. “We can and will do better.”

US Deputy is trying to rescind Trump

07.19 clock:In the USA, a Congress delegate for the first time applied for an official resignation procedure against President Donald Trump. The Democratic deputy, Brad Sherman from the state of California, explained his impetus for a so-called impeachment on Wednesday, among other things, with the latest developments in the Russia affair.

“The latest revelations from Donald Trump junior suggest that Trumps election campaign was eager to receive aid from Russia,” Sherman said. It had finally come to light that Trumps’ eldest son had met a Russian lawyer during the election campaign – in the hope that this material would be handed over to the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, by the Russian General Prosecutor .

He also believed that the events surrounding the dismissal of former FBI chief James Comey were “a hindrance to justice,” Sherman said. Comey had been fired in early May by Trump. As one of several reasons for the dismissal, the President named the FBI investigation into the Russia affair.

However, Sherman’s request for success is low. So far, only another member of parliament, the Democrat Al Green, has joined his initiative. The so-called impeachment is a complex process for which the US Constitution places high hurdles. In the first step, a majority of the deputies in the House of Representatives would have to agree to the initiation of the resignation procedure. For this, several dozen parliamentarians of the Republicans would have to ally themselves with the oppositional democrats. There are no signs of this.

The White House rejected Sherman’s advance as “completely ridiculous”. The motion from the California delegation was a “political game of the worst kind”. Said Presidential Singer Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump emphasizes his “very good” relationship with Putin

Thursday, July 13, 7:03 am:

In the midst of the new turmoil in the Russia affair, US President Donald Trump has highlighted his good relationship with the Russian state leader Vladimir Putin. “I think we are getting very, very well together,” said Trump on Wednesday in an interview conducted by conservative evangelical TV supporter Pat Robertson. His meeting with Putin on the edge of the G20 summit in Hamburgwas “outstanding”.

There were people who said he should not deal with Putin. But it does not make any sense if the US and Russia as “two big attorneys” do not have any kind of relationship. Said Trump in the interview for the broadcaster Christian Broadcasting Network.

The meeting of the two presidents, which had originally been scheduled for half an hour, had lasted two hours and fifteen minutes. It was a “good thing, not a bad thing,” Trump said. As a success of the meeting, he once again declared the agreed arms for the South of Syria.

Trump removal proceedings applied for

Because of the affair surrounding the dubious Russian contacts of his election campaign. The US president’s dealings with Putin are being observed with much mistrust by a large part of the US public.

The affair reached a new peak after the return trumps from the G20 summit. It came to light that his eldest son had met a Russian lawyer. During the election campaign in the hope that this material would be handed over to the presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton, by the Russian General Prosecutor.