Trump Russia contacts | The spy that came in the way

Trump Russia contacts | The spy that came in the way

Trump Russia contacts | The spy that came in the way

In the search for dirt on the other side, the election campaign of Donald Trump has obviously also hit a Russian ex-agent. More and more clearly: Trumps proximity to Russia has little to do with foreign policy.

The hoped-for dirt was stuck in a plastic folder. The Russian lawyer Natalija Wesselnitskaya had brought printed documents with her on 9 June 2016 with US President Donald Trump junior.

“Donnie” hoped it was concrete evidence of illegal money flows to the US Democrats, his father’s competitors. When the lawyer did not have any good contacts with the Kremlin, he and his companions lost interest. “They could not wait for the meeting to be over.”

Thus, Rinat Akhmetshin told the news agency AP. A native of Russia, he is a lobbyist in the United States, but was formerly a member of the GRU’s military service. He denied this to AP. However, Akhmetshin confirmed that he also participated in the Trump Tower meeting , which had been unveiled a week ago , which was to bring compromising information about Hillary Clinton.


This makes it increasingly clear that the Trump camp has also cultivated doubtful contacts with Russia. The President of the US is still justifying his cuddly course against Russian President Vladimir Putin with foreign policy interests. Both countries are “an enormously powerful Atommacht”, he said on Wednesday, therefore “it is not sensible to have no relationship”. However, in this respect, Trump seems to have pursued its own goals – and this is now a domestic political problem.

Thus the supposed ex-spy Akhmetshin already attracted the attention of Charles Grassley. The Republican chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, in April. In a letter to the Ministry of Homeland Security, he asked for information on Akhmetshin. Who was accused of being “an unregistered representative of Russian interests and obviously connected with Russian intelligence agencies”.

Just as lawyer Wesselnitskaya also Akhmetshin according to the information as a lobbyist against the so-called Magnitskij law appeared. With this, the 2012 US Congress imposed sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen to be involved in the assassination of Sergej Magnitskij. Magnitsky died in Russian investigation after revealing a gigantic tax fraud.

There are contradictory indications for Akhmetshin’s alleged agent activity. He has admitted to the magazine “Politico” that he was “convened as a Soviet officer of the espionage service”. As regards AP, Akhmetshin now declared that he served in the Red Army from 1986 to 1988, but had never been trained in espionage.

Counter-measures for the election campaign?

Undoubtedly, Akhmetshin is a lobbyist who pursues the interests of his clients. The most recent revelations raise the question of whether the Trump camp also represented Russian interests – in return for campaign campaigning, such as the e-mails of Democrats published by Wikileaks . Behind the Leak the GRU is assumed, for which also Akhmetshin once worked.

Already in his first foreign policy speech, Trump demanded a “relaxation of sanctions” against Russia in April 2016. In the run-up to the Republican Republic’s nomination session in July, the Trump camp then suggested that a declaration on the Russian annexation of the Crimea was weakened. And after the election, Trump made the former oilman Rex Tillerson Foreign Minister, who has long-term relations with Russia and Putin.

Alles Zufall? Trump hat das immer wieder behauptet, sich dabei aber in viele Widersprüche verheddert. So behauptete er vielfach, keinerlei Beziehung zum russischen Präsidenten zu haben. “Ich habe Putin nie getroffen”, sagte er etwa im Juli vergangenen Jahres. “Ich weißt nicht, wer Putin ist.” Dabei hatte Trump schon zwei Jahre zuvor in der Talkshow von David Letterman über Putin gesagt: “Zäher Kerl, ich habe ihn einmal getroffen.”

Trump may well have come through with such obvious contradictions to his followers. But now, as two congress committees and a special investigator are investigating their relations with Russia, they become a danger. To the dramaturgy of large scandals it is the fact that the facts come to light in a slice – and this is thanks to Trumps’s flexible handling of the truth.

Trumps’s narrowest environment is becoming increasingly twilight. His son Donald junior could still be interpreted as a sign of political ignorance and misunderstood fatherly love that he met with lawyer Wesselnitskaya and expressed his interest in incriminating material even in writing.

Original justification for distance to Russia

But at the meeting were also ex-election martial leader Paul Manafort and Trumps Schwiegersohn Jared Kushner , which also confirmed lobbyist Akhmetshin. According to information from the TV station CNN, there were a total of eight participants. Until now, Kushner was regarded as the cool, strategic head in Trumps’ tight circle. If he had to retire due to investigations, this would be a serious blow to Trump.

On Friday, the US president could still be distracted by such threats. On the occasion of the National Day of the Bastille, he enjoyed the attention of President Emmanuel Macron. In addition, Trump called an original proof why Putin had in fact had no interest in his choice: The exit from the Climate Treaty of Paris would hurt Russia because the United States now operate more fracking and thus push the key for the Russian domestic oil prices can ,

In the home, such logic is certainly not enough to stop the Trumps of Russia contacts. In the meantime, several non-governmental organizations have lodged a complaint with the Electoral Commission for their unacceptable assistance from Russia. “Americans expect – and deserve – our elected government officials are only obliged to us,” declared the organization Common Cause, “and no foreign government.”