Trumps’s very own view on G20


Trumps’s very own view on G20

Trump with Merkel, with Putin, with Xi – the US president presents his summit on Twitter as a celebrity slideshow, as well as choral singing “Make America Great Again”. What was Hamburg doing? No word.

Donald Trump was isolated at the G20 summit at the Sachthems trade and climate. In the final declaration, which was held until Saturday afternoon, the clear statement that the US is outside the Community was found. The attempt to lead the Americans back to the path of the Paris climate agreement in Hamburg failed.

Trumps's very own view on G20

The US President, on the other hand, presented his own summit, free of content, on Sunday: dozens of photos lined up a slide to a slideshow, which appeared on Trumps Twitter channel.

Trump with Merkel, Trump with China’s Xi Jinping, and so on. The whole thing is accompanied by marching music and singing, which consists only of one line: “Make America Great Again” – the slogan from Trumps Presidential election campaign. Political analysts are debating at weekends whether international isolation is more beneficial or detrimental to the president and his country .

On Monday, however, a new scandal message covered the largely unsuccessful G20 tour of the president. His son, Donald Jr., met a Russian lawyer who offered the Trump camp in the summer of 2016 compromising information about the democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton.

There was a meeting at the Trump Tower, with Jared Kushner, Trumps Schwiegersohn and meanwhile Presidential Adviser, and the then-campaign leader Trumps, Paul J. Manafort. With this explosive news the US media – and presumably also the White House – is not interested in the Hamburg summit too much.