In the UK, Boris Johnson challenges Theresa May

Boris Johnson

In the UK, Boris Johnson challenges Theresa May

In an article with a nationalist tone published in the Daily Telegraph, the Foreign Minister Boris Johnson continues to campaign for a “hard Brexit” and displays his ambitions. Boris Johnson

Under a photo of himself from 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence, it is a true declaration of war on the Brexit that Boris Johnson sent, on Saturday, September 16, to Theresa May in “one” of the Daily Telegraph, a journal of which he was for a long time a chronicler. Remaining bizarrely silent since his appointment as foreign minister the day after the vote in favor of the exit of the European Union, the bubbling “BoJo” emerges from the wood, mop up in battle as usual.

In a long article with a nationalist tone entitled “My vision for an ambitious and prosperous Great Britain thanks to the Brexit”, he displays his ambitions as head of government. Its provocation risks reviving the war on Europe within the Tories and weakening the already difficult position of the Prime Minister, not only on the domestic level but in the negotiations with the Twenty-Seven.

Strategic Moment

The former mayor of London chose a strategic and dramatic moment for Theresa May. A week before the speech on the first Brexit Minister must decide on Friday 22 September in Florence, and two weeks before the Conservative Party conference that ensures the future of M me May. While the latter chose Italy, probably to make appeals to the EU and try to unblock negotiations in the deadlock, Boris Johnson, on the contrary, pushes the nail of a “hard Brexit” he became the champion during the referendum campaign.

He makes no reference to the “transition period” Theresa May should claim in Florence to avoid an economic crash. He also refuses to contribute to the European Union in order to continue to have access to his single market, which Theresa May should propose.