United States: Russia Today to report its activities

United States

United States: Russia Today to report its activities

UNITED STATES Washington applies a law instituted in 1938 to identify the sources of Nazi propaganda …

New pressure on Russia Today (RT). The US Department of Justice has asked the media, considered by Washington as Moscow’s propaganda box, to submit to a law requiring any company representing a country to report its activities to the authorities.

The US branch of the Russian public channel has received a letter from the Ministry of Justice informing it of the obligation to comply with the so-called Foreign Agents Act (FARA), said RT spokesperson Anna Belkina, confirming information from the previous day.

Established in 1938 to identify the sources of Nazi propaganda in the United States, this law obliges any company representing a foreign country, organization or party to report its activities to the authorities. “RT is consulting its lawyers who are studying the motion,” the channel’s spokeswoman said. The Department of Justice did not want to comment on the information.

“Alternative Perspective” and “Overview of the Russian Position”

On RT’s website, its editor Margarita Simonyan condemned the request of the US Department, considering that it testified to the “war” that the United States was conducting against the Russian media.

The channel is often accused by Washington of serving as a propaganda organ in the Kremlin. She was questioned at the beginning of the year in a report of the American intelligence services on the interference of Moscow in the American presidential campaign.

It is regularly at the heart of diplomatic skirmishes between Moscow and the Western countries, their relations have deteriorated since the crisis in Ukraine and the annexation in March 2014 of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea. RT has channels broadcasting in English, Spanish and Arabic, whose official mission is to provide an “alternative perspective” and an “overview of the Russian position” to foreign viewers.