US Democrat requested impeachment Donald Trumps

US Democrat requested impeachment Donald Trump

US Democrat requested impeachment Donald Trump

For the first time since Donald Trump took over as a US president. A congressman has applied for his removal from office. But even among US democrats the step is controversial.

It is an application with little prospect of success

For the first time in the less than six-month term of US President Donald Trump. A US opposition deputy has now launched an impeachment procedure against him.

The Democratic Congress deputent Brad Sherman from California justified his move with Trumps entanglement in the Russian armies and the dismissal of FBI director James Comey.

It is still unclear as to whether this is voted on at all in the House of Representatives. Because it is also controversial among the Democrats. Most politicians in the Opposition Division, however, do not yet have the legal basis for an interim dismissal procedure. The hurdles for this are very high.

In order to implement such a procedure, the application would have to receive a simple majority in the House of Representatives. Trumps Republicans have a comparatively comfortable majority of 24 seats. On Wednesday, the request was initially supported only by a Democratic MEP, Al Green.

In the so-called impeachment procedure it has to be clarified whether the president committed a criminal offense, which is why he has to leave the office. It is difficult to challenge a reigning US State Secretary. He enjoys immunity in everything he does in office. The immunity, however, does not refer to acts outside its administration, according to a decision of the Supreme Court of 1997.