Because of US entry ban: IETF relocates meeting to Canada

Because of US entry ban: IETF relocates meeting to Canada

Because of USA entry ban: IETF relocates meeting to Canada

The IETF has moved a planned meeting because of the now current entry ban for people from different countries in the USA. And intensified controls at the border. The uncertainty for participants from the rest of the world was too great.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has moved an upcoming conference to San Francisco in the Canadian city of Montreal. Due to the tightening of entry requirements into the US. The IETF 102 meeting was supposed to take place at the Hilton in San Francisco from July 22 to 27, 2018. It was now transferred to the Fairmont Hotel in Montreal , the organization said.

“The current orientation and policies of the US policy gives no reason to improve the situation for non-US citizens The US border. ”


As Leslie Daigle told the IETF. There was an anonymous survey after the IETF 98 had already taken place in Chicago at the end of March. The 366 people had taken part in the survey. Of which 32 had not even come to Chicago because of the aggravated travel restrictions. Of the US participants, only one respondent stated. That he or she would not want to leave the country because of the interventions for a meeting.

In order to minimize the risk for the participants. The decision was taken to change the location and at the same time hope to keep the costs as small as possible.

Trump against the courts

Shortly after his takeover, Donald Trump had proclaimed an entry ban for people from several predominantly Muslim countries. This had been stopped by courts, but since the end of June a weakened version is now in force . This is the case until the US Supreme Court has ruled on the legality of the entry block.

Because the controls on the US border are becoming ever more acute, the uncertainty about who is to enter the country under future conditions is growing. With the change of location, the IETF now has its first consequences.