US hotels have denounced undocumented clients to immigration

US hotels

US hotels have denounced undocumented clients to immigration

Staff from Motel 6 in the Phoenix area have a daily list of immigrant clients to the police. The hotel chain ensures that this is a local initiative.

Employees of Motel 6, one of the largest in the US hotels, passed on names of immigrant clients to the police, the channel said in a statement on Thursday (September 14th).

“In recent days, we have learned that some local properties in Motel 6 in the Phoenix area of Arizona (southwestern United States) ” voluntarily gave clients a daily list of immigration and immigration (ICE), “ the hotel chain statement said.

She said that “this was done at the local level without the senior officials being aware”.“When we learned this, this [practice] was interrupted”.

“In the future (…) we will issue a directive to each of our 1,400 hotels across the country, reiterating that they do not have the right to voluntarily provide lists of customers to the ICE, release of Motel 6, which apologizes and ensures that “the privacy and security of our guests are a prime value of our business.

Arrested in his room

The local daily Phoenix New Times wrote on Wednesday that lawyers for an undocumented migrant suspect a Motel 6 employee of having reported it to the immigration police because he had only presented a Mexican voter card to register. Their 33-year-old client was arrested a few hours later in his hotel room.

ICE spokesmen said in a statement that the immigration police do not give “the source of their leads” but that it receives citizens, recalling that the priority arrests are “individuals who pose risks to society “.

“It is important to note that hotels, including the Phoenix area, have frequently been used by criminal organizations (…) including trafficking in human beings,” the statement said.